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M.I.B First Global Fanmeet in Singapore

M.I.B First Global Fanmeet in Singapore

M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) held their First Global Fanmeet on 24th May 2013 (Friday) 1PM,  before the Korean Night Out by Music Matters LIVE 2013. Only 200 fans could enter the fanmeet which took place at BossBarBQ, leaving many waiting outside the doors to catch a glimpse of the members. Although the fan meet was scheduled at 1PM, many fans arrived early in the morning to queue for a good spot.

M.I.B First Global Fanmeet in Singapore consisted of a Question & Answer session and an Autograph session.

(To MIB) How do you feel about returning to Singapore to perform for Music Matters for the second time?

Fan: Awesome right?
5ZIC: Yes, Awesome!

(To 5Zic) How does it feel to show your abs in the “Nod Along MV” ?

5Zic:  6 packs? *laughs*
Host: I’m sure you guys (fans) want to see it right?
Fans: Yeah!
5ZIC: *shyly did an Abs Flash*

(To Kangnam) Are you going to keep your hair long?

Kang Nam: I shouldn’t cut my hair because many people likes my long hair. I should be keeping long hair for another 2 years maybe
5Zic : Player, player!

(To YoungCream) How do you feel about doing the vocals part in “Nod Along” ?

YoungCream: It is my first experience but I enjoyed it.I like rapping more than singing, but if there is another chance, I will sing the vocals again.
Host: Can you show us your part in Nod Along?
YoungCream:  Okay, right now?

(To SIMS) Has your ideal type changed?

SIMS:  No IU, No IU! I like girls that can play guitar.
5ZIC: Liar, liar!

The fans were asked if they had any last requested and they shouted “Gwiyomi” in unison. M.I.B decided the member who has to do Gwiyomi through a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and YoungCream lost the game. Check out our video coverage with footages of the fan meet and also the members doing Gwiyomi!



(To M.I.B) Do you have any last message for your fans?

5ZIC:  Singapore fans were very welcoming everytime MIB came to Singapore. We really appreciate the support and thankful for your love!
SIMS: MIB is here because of you guys (fans) are here !
Young Cream: I love you Singapore fans, thank you so much, forever!
Kang Nam: Thank you for inviting us, we love you so much, seriously. MIB loves Singapore. And we hope that you will enjoy our stage tomorrow at KPOP NIGHT OUT. Oh no, I mean tonight! Hope you will have a great time later! Thank you!”

We would like to thank Michelle and @MIB_CRIB for having us at M.I.B First Global Fanmeet in Singapore. Do follow @MIB_CRIB for the latest updates and also look forward to M.I.B Global Fanmeet in your country!

Check out KAvenyou’s Facebook page for more pictures of M.I.B First Global Fanmeet in Singapore.

[PHOTO ALBUM] M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) First Global Fanmeet in Singapore

Article & Photography by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou

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