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LUNAFLY Can’t Wait to Meet the Malaysian fans and Try Out Malaysian Food

LUNAFLY Can’t Wait to Meet the Malaysian fans and Try Out Malaysian Food


Lunafly debuted in the second half of 2012 and gained attention after climbing music charts with their self-composed track “How Nice It Would Be”. The band gained attention for their musical abilities and outstanding live performances as they often took on various street performances and music covers on YouTube, acquainting themselves with music lovers and their fans on a more personal level.  They will be paying their first visit to Malaysia this March.

“F.Y.I On Stage with Lunafly in Kuala Lumpur” will be held at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on 30th March 2013. Besides that, Lunafly will also hold a public fan meeting for their fans on Friday, 29th March 2013 at 8PM at The Square, Publika Shopping Gallery. Here’s a short interview with the members, have a quick read to know the group better.

1. For those who have never heard of LUNAFLY before, how would you describe your sound?
Our sound could be described as catchy, melodic and harmonic music. Our music is also easy on the ear.

 2. What is the meaning or inspiration behind the name, LUNAFLY? Who suggested it?
We came up with the name LUNAFLY whilst looking up at the sky after a rehearsal one night. Luna means ‘moon’ in Latin. And we realised that when we as people look at the moon we all experience different feelings and emotions. For example the feeling of sadness or loneliness at night, or the feeling of being excited etc. We want to become a band ,who as messengers from the moon, can express all the different emotions and feelings of the moon with our music.

3. LUNAFLY reach out to their fans via social media and YouTube. How has new media affected the growth of the band?
It has obviously had a huge impact on our growth. Without social media it would be very difficult to reach out to our fans worldwide fan bases. So we feel very lucky to be able to release music through these channels.

4. Among all the songs that you have covered on YouTube, which one was your personal favourite and why?
Sam: I personally like ‘Payphone’ by Maroon5. I really like the lyrics and story that it tells. I also feel we made the song our own.
Yun: I like ‘Nothing on you’ by B.O.B and Bruno Mars. I like Sam’s rap!
Teo: I like ‘The Lazy song’ by Bruno Mars. It’s a song that makes me feel happy.

5. Are you a fan of anyone on YouTube (YouTube stars)? Who and how did you discover them?
We are all huge fans of the band Karmin. They are really unique.

6. Pursuing a career in entertainment could be a gamble for some. How supportive were your parents when you started and how do they feel now?
Yun: At first my parents worried a lot but she pushed me to do it because of the great support I received from our label. Now she is still very supportive.
Teo: My parents have always been supportive of me in everything I have wanted to do.
Sam: My family were obviously a little worried especially with me moving away from England. But they realized that I am doing something that I really love so are very supportive.

7. What is the ultimate direction you want to take with LUNAFLY? What do you want to accomplish as a group?
We all want LUNAFLY to go on for as long as possible. We want to keep writing our own music and releasing albums worldwide. We would also like to continue to perform all around the world.

8. Now let’s talk about tour. You’re getting ready to tour here end of March. What are you most excited for with this upcoming tour? Is there anything in particular you are really excited to see/experience?
Yun: We have only really communicated with our Malaysian fans via Twitter and online media, so I am looking forward to meeting them face to face.
Teo: I am looking forward to trying Malaysian food. I hear it is really good.
Sam: I am looking forward to performing live in front of our Malaysian fans. They have obviously only seen us online, so I want to put on a great show for them.

9. What advice do you have for other aspiring musicians out there?
Teo: If you think you can work harder than everyone else go for it!
Yun: Do what makes you happy.
Sam: Stay true to what you believe in, work hard and most importantly be original.

For further details about Lunafly’s Malaysia showcase, please check out our previous article on it:

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