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LG G2 smartphone – Learning from You (and K-pop fans)!

LG G2 smartphone – Learning from You (and K-pop fans)!


Singapore, 12 September 2013LG Electronics Singapore’s (LG) latest innovation, the LG G2 smartphone is about to land on our shores, and the KAvenyou team got the chance to personally experience this revolutionary smartphone before it gets officially released in stores! The LG G2 boasts 5 main new features – where the ideas were obtained from “Learning from You”, among its other functions, which we will elaborate below.


1) Rear Key
Instead of placing buttons at the sides of the phone, the LG G2 has revolutionized smartphones designs by placing them at the rear of the phone instead. When using their mobile phones, most people will subconsciously rest their index finger at the back of their phones. LG has picked up on this observation and placed buttons at the rear of the phone instead, as side buttons on phones are increasingly harder to press with the sizes of smartphones getting bigger.


What we liked most about the rear key is that it makes taking selcas much easier to a whole new level! There is no need for the hassle to try to reach for the screen or the side buttons, or even set self-timers just to take selcas.


2) Audio Zoom
The audio zoom function enables users to zoom in the sound and reduce surrounding noise, as they zoom in to a particular subject while video-recording. This is actually an awesome function when attending K-Pop events, when you want to zoom-in to hear your idols more clearly, instead of hearing mainly just the screaming fans around you.


3) Guest Mode
Don’t want to let your parents know that you have been chasing idols instead of studying for the past entire week? (We don’t encourage this habit though!) or don’t want to let others browse through all your idols’ photo collections? The Guest Mode is just for you – where guests can access your phone with a secondary lock pattern, but only for pre-selected applications viewable to them.


4) Quick Window Cover
Without opening your phone cover, the LG G2 Quick Window Cover allows you to access these frequently-used functions conveniently:

  • Music
  • Weather forecast
  • Clock & customising the clock settings
  • Answering phone calls
  • Checking notifications

5) KnockON
Instead of pressing any buttons, you can now simply turn your smartphone on and off by tapping, or ‘knocking’ on the display twice! This is more convenient as compared to having to press and hold onto the buttons for a few seconds just to start up your phone.


Another thing we would like to point out about the LG G2 is the 13MP OIS (optical image stabilization) camera, which can capture sharp and smooth images even in low-light environment. The multi-points AF allow users to better focus on multiple faces or moving subjects, which we recommend for taking idols especially when they are moving about on stage!


To know more about the other features and key specifications for the LG G2 smartphone, do check out our previous article: The revolutionary LG G2 launching soon in Singapore

The LG G2 smartphone will be launching very soon in Singapore on 21st September 2013, with black and white colour phone options available.

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou


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