Korean hairstyle bangs for ladies

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I’ve always wondered how Korean girls styled their bangs/fringe because most girls have bangs/fringe that fall naturally and perfectly in front of their foreheads. After observing a friend work on her fringe (even on a backpacking trip) and several Youtube videos, I realised this beautiful “natural” korean hairstyle comes from time and effort every day.


Want korean hairstyle (specifically bangs) like these idols and ulzzangs? Try this.

hair curling tools
Hair curling tools (Image credit)

Items you need:

      • Curler/Straightener
    • Round Comb Brush or Rat tail combs (any brush or comb you are comfortable working with)


    • Plastic Hair Roller
      • Hair Dryer
    • Round Comb Brush or Rat tail combs

Korean Hairstyle Bangs – Using a Electric Curler/Straightener

With the tools ready, now let’s proceed to achieving the korean hairstyle (or at least the bangs/fringe) we so desired.

1. Section fringe into three parts and curl the middle section of your bangs.

curling iron 12. Curl sides section of your bangs outwards.

curling iron 2

curling iron 3
Credits: Jin&Jung

Korean Hairstyle Bangs – Using a plastic hair roller and hair dryer

1. Section hair into three parts. Using a smaller hair roller curl the middle section for more volume.

2015-08-31 23_32_04

2. With a slightly larger hair roller, curl the side sections of your bangs outwards.

2015-08-31 23_34_21

2015-08-31 23_34_53

3. Using a dryer to provide heat to top and bottom of rollers for 5 seconds. Remove rollers and tadah!

2015-08-31 23_36_27

2015-08-31 23_41_59
Credits: 뷰티랩TV

Of course most of the time for convenience, girls will use mini curlers or straighteners (unless you are into hair roller fashion like Hani from EXID).


We are not sure when stores have started the sale of these super cute mini hair tools but these tools can be mostly found in stores like Olive Young or Art Box in Korea with prices ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 won.

olive young 1 olive young 2

If you are looking for them, you can try getting them from Gmarket Global or at Qoo10! If all else fails, hit a Korean hair salon near you and get some professional help in achieving that korean hairstyle of choice.

Article by: Xiaowei @ KAvenyou

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2 thoughts on “Korean hairstyle bangs for ladies”

  1. Can you please tell me the name of the girl who used the straightener for bangs please, because I love her hair length and fringe/bangs and it”s similar to what i ant to cut my hair to so I would like to have her picture for reference.

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