Korean Food Special on CNN "Talk Asia"


Talk Asia_CNN host Sumnima Udas and Arumjigi's chairwoman

Bibimbap, Kimchi, Dukbokki – Korean food has sparked a global craze and chefs around the world are bringing the best of the cuisine to the West. On this special ‘Talk Asia’, CNN International correspondent Sumnima Udas goes on a culinary adventure to South Korea to explore the tastes at the heart of Korean fare.

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While the world of contemporary Korean dishes are growing in popularity, CNN turns its attention to one organization trying to preserve the tradition of the cuisine. At Arumjigi they call themselves “the culture keepers”, constantly working to uphold the essence of Korean culture while finding ways to embrace modernity. CNN travels with them to the islands of Sinan County on a search for the Nibe Croaker, also known as the ‘people’s fish’. Historically this fish was a popular ingredient to fight the heat of the summer months. Through this expedition, CNN discovers how the chefs of Arumjigi work to bring back traditional ingredients with a contemporary flare, ensuring the tradition of Korean cuisine doesn’t get lost in the past.

Airtimes: Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Taipei
Sunday July 26 at 0630 and 1100 HKT
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