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Korea is everywhere… Discover it in Paris!

Korea is everywhere… Discover it in Paris!


Korean Culture is spreading like wildfire worldwide – this is something most of you already knew, but have you experienced it already?

With the Hallyu wave, not only K-Pop and K-Dramas having gained popularity all around the world,  this is also true for the more traditional aspects of the Korean culture. As an avenue between Korea and you, KAvenyou will also help you discover these bits of Korean culture that you can find all around the world, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Beginning with France, we will reveal to you how you can spend a “full korean day” in Paris.

Paris is a city known for its many museums, but have you heard of the Guimet Museum? This museum has a collection of Korean exhibits of over a thousand items. This is a place where you will be able to discover sculptures, paintings and other items from the Koryo or the Choson regions.

This museum is located Place d’IENA, just a few steps away from the Korean Cultural Center. So do not forget to pay a visit and make friends with other Korea lovers. The cultural center also organises a variety of activities and events, where they would be very happy to welcome you, and all these located right next to the Eiffel Tower.

If you are wandering around the Père Lachaise Cimetery or the Canal Saint Martin, then you may enjoy a stop at the Espace Han-Seine. The name of this organization is made of “Han”, from the Han River, and the Seine river that flows accross Paris. They sometimes play korean movies, have discussions about litterature or hold traditional tea ceremonies. So do not hesitate to contact them before paying a visit, to double-check on their opening hours and activities schedule.

It is now about time to feel hungry, and what better than to visit a Korean restaurant for Korean cuisine? There are many of them in Paris. For example if you were still around the Korean Cultural Center, visit the oldest Korean restaurant of Paris: Woojung, where you will eat in a traditional ambience. If you are a K-Pop fan though, you may want to head to Manna (on the subway line 10, close to the Charles Michels stop), the restaurant Teen Top visited while in Paris.

For some grocery shopping and trying dishing up your own Korean food? You can head to the Rue Saint-Anne, near the Garnier Opera, where you’ll find K-Mart and Ace-Mart. Both are grocery stores where you can find many Korean products, including many brands promoted by your favorite idols.

If your korea day happens to be spent under the sun, then you can consider going to the Jardin d’Acclimatation. This garden is easily accessible via the subway (Line 1). Initially built as a zoo, this garden has experienced many changes. In 2002, Seoul offered a “Korean garden” to Paris as a symbol of the friendship between both countries, and it remained as that since then.


Missing a little bit of K-Pop in your Korean day? Take a trip to Avenue d’Ivry, which could easily be considered as Paris’ own version of Chinatown. There, you will find a mall with two K-Pop stores where you can buy all the CDs, posters and goodies you want.

So next time you visit Paris, you now know where to go to enjoy Korea even when you are 9,000 kilometers away from Seoul.

Article by: Céline @ KAvenyou

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