Koda Kumi Asia Tour 2015



Koda Kumi fans were thrilled when it was announced that the Queen of Jpop was coming to Singapore to perform for the first time ever in conjunction with her 15th anniversary.

“WALK OF MY LIFE” hit close to home both Ku-chan fans,and the general public. Her 15th anniversary serves as a pitstop for the singer to look back and reflect on her gradual rise in popularity over the years since her debut.


Fans of Ku-chan were amazed by her strong vocals, slick dance choreography, covering great a variety of genres through her carefully crafted concert repertoire. Her outfit changes were all so drastic, from her leopard fur coat to an entire ball gown set, but yet she rocked all the concepts.

Koda Kumi sang some of the new songs from her latest album, such as “Mercedes” and “House Party”, along fan favourites, like “Pop Diva”.


For fans who were lacking in Japanese skills, VCRs with translated lyrics helped them understand the songs at a deeper level.

Like any other Japanese concert, the towel-swinging moment was one of the highlights of the concer. Bringing the excitement level of the audience to another level by swinging hand towels to the beat of highly energized songs, everyone was jumping in time to the music.


VCRs ran through various songs from her past singles and albums whilst Koda donned an intricately designed golden ball gown and an elaborate headdress to finish off her get-up, and proceeded to sing three ballad songs – “Ai no Uta”, Sometimes “Dreams Come True” and “WALK OF MY LIFE”. Her iconic strong yet husky voice engulfed and mesmerised her fans as they gave the stage their full attention.


One lucky fan even had the chance to get selected to go up on stage to have Ku-chan sing to her! After a short introduction from the fan herself, she went ahead with choosing “Suki De, Suki De, Suki De”, another classic Koda song.

There was also a mini introduction section (something like a dance-off) for Koda and her dancers while they showed off their amazing dancing skills.

After hyping up the audience so much during the dance section of her concert, Koda left the stage after thanking the fans.

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During the encore, she sang many songs that were all too familiar to anyone who listened to Japanese Pop, such as “Cutie Honey” and “Butterfly”. After being treated to so many more songs, fans were delighted that there was also an emcee corner where Koda showed off her English skills and despite switching to Japanese, fans here in Singapore reassured her that they could understand Japanese and she was amazed at how her overseas fans did understand what she was saying during the talk corner. After the talk corner, she ended the concert off with her final song, “walk”.


With Singapore as her last stop during her Asia Tour, Koda broke down from all the emotions during the concert, surrounded by all her fans.

Here’s to hoping that Ku-chan would come back to Singapore very soon for her next concert, and that she’ll amaze us the next time too!

We would like to thank Avex Singapore for the media invite to Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 in Singapore.

Article by: Michelle and Samantha @ KAvenyou.com
Photography by: Michelle @ KAvenyou.com, Official photos from avex Singapore

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