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King of Ambition Arises This February on ONE

King of Ambition Arises This February on ONE


18 January 2013, Malaysia –There is nothing like love and ambition to drive someone to great things. Yet the same forces push others to unscrupulous means, betrayal and to let their loved ones down. This February, love and ambition are what powers ONE as its latest Korean drama series, King of Ambition airs across Asia just three weeks after its Korean debut!

Premiering 4 February 2013, airing on Mondays and Tuesday at 8.55pm first and exclusively on ONE (Astro B.yond ch393), King of Ambition follows the life of Joo Da Hae (Soo Ae, Athena: Goddess of War), who is born into poverty but refuses to let that keep her down. Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo, Big Thing) who is madly in love with Da Hae, is a hopeless romantic. He is willing to give up everything for her and sacrifices all for her including working as a gigolo at a nightclub to raise school fees for the young Da Hae. However, driven by her immense ambition, Da Hae is determined to let nothing stand in the way of her becoming the First Lady of South Korea. And from that, comes the dramatic tale of betrayal and revenge…

Helmed by Jo Young-kwang (49 Days) and writer Lee Hee-myung (Rooftop Prince), King of Ambition is inspired from the 21-part ‘manhwa’ (comic series) “Dae Mul” by Park In-kwon (‘War of Money’), which also served as the source of inspiration of the multi award winning Korean drama series, Big Thing.

The new series is led by critically acclaimed cast members Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae. Kwon was also the star of Big Thing, for which he won the ‘Top Excellence Award, Special Drama, Actor’ and ‘Top Ten Stars Award’ at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards. In support of Kwon’s role in King of Ambition, his wife Son Tae Young even appears in a fun cameo that sees her mock Kwon’s Ha Ryu when he entertains guests at the nightclub.

Soo Ae won the 2011 SBS Drama Awards’ ‘Top Ten Stars Award’ and ‘Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actress’ for her performance in romance drama series A Thousand Days’ Promise. Challenged by the need to play someone ‘fallen into the swamp of ambition’ and unable to curb her thirst for more power in King of Ambition, Soo Ae also has to cope with the pressure of playing a very young First Lady, which has never been portrayed on TV before.


In King of Ambition, fans of TVXQ will enjoy the latest TV role taken by ‘U-Know’ Jung Yunho, the lead member of the popular K-pop male idol group. The singer-actor plays the hockey-playing rich boy Baek Do Hoon, who grows up in a sheltered life under the care of his father, the president of a large conglomerate, and his much older sister. After meeting and falling for Da Hae, he begins to drown in jealousy and lust.

King of Ambition

As fatal love and unstoppable ambition collide to push the ill-fated characters through their rise and fall, expect a compelling tale of betrayal and vengeance, coupled with a worthy cast, to make for great drama in King of Ambition, beginning this February only on ONE.

King of Ambition premieres 4 February 2013

Airing on Mondays and Tuesday at 8.55pm

First and exclusively on ONE (Astro B.yond ch393)


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