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“We Got Married” to Seoul on our Korea visit


People who follows Korean variety will definitely have heard about “We Got Married”, which features celebrities engaging in a pseudo marriage. Already into the 2nd season, the show has evolved and now only features 3 couples that has been gaining lots of interests from viewers. Being a follower of the show, of course we will not give up the chance of visiting some of these places that the couples visited.




The above featured are shots from the 63 Building, which is where the “Khuntoria” couple of Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x) first met. They seem to have met at the office area, which has some security features preventing any normal people going up, but I may be wrong on this. However, the whole building is packed with various interesting recreational places like an Aquarium, Observation Deck & Art Museum, IMAX Theatre and Wax Museum. The Aquarium and Wax Museum seems pretty normal and do not differ much from what can be found in other countries, but the view at the top of the Observation Deck is still something worth seeing.


If any of you remember the Tiara that was given to Victoria on the couple’s first meeting, it is bought from the shop above.



During the Adam couple (Jo Kwon & Ga In) and Khuntoria couple’s first joint outing, they met at the Namsan area, and the above was where Khuntoria waited for Adam to arrive. The interesting thing is the lift that moves diagonally up and down the cable car station. Without the lift, you will probably have to walk up quite a steep slope to reach the station.



Some shots on top of Namsan where the famous “Love Locks” are at. There is also an observation deck on top of the tower, but we really think it is not necessary to go up to get a view of Seoul high up since Namsan is already pretty high up. If you have no time to visit Jeju, there is also a mini Teddy Bear Museum on top of Namsan.



Nichkhun’s gigantic lock is already partially hidden by all the surrounding locks as shown above. There is also a blurred shot of the love note attached to that lock. Exposed to rain and shine, the message is already note very visible.






Lotte World is one of the most famous theme parks in Korea, and is one where the YongSeo couple (YongHwa and SeoHyun) visited during one of their outings. The whole theme park is within a huge compound, which is also home to a Lotte Departmental store where you can grab your Kimchi and Seaweed. There is also a huge snack area selling many varieties of snacks.

At first sight, the theme park do not really look interesting and seems like a imitation of Disneyland. Not much rides are available that can get your adrenaline pumping if that is something you are looking for. If you are with a group of children, this place might well be more appropriate. At the lowest level of the whole compound, there is a shooting range and a large ice-skating rink (not within Lotte World), which seems to be more interesting than Lotte World. The last photo is the horror palace where the YongSeo couple visited, and obviously not a good memory for YongHwa due to the timidness that he portrayed.

That sums up for this short post on “We Got Married”, which is also the second last of our Korean Free & Easy feature. Do leave your comments if you like what we are sharing, and do look forward to our final post. The final post will be on the Idol Village in Yuchi-ri, which is the filming set of “Invincible Youth” season 1.