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KARANESIA 1st GATHERING: A warm gathering in a room of peach balloons & Kamilias


The big family of Karanesia on their first gathering

9 September 2012, Jakarta – In a hall filled with peach balloons, Karanesia held their first gathering at the Backdoor Café, Level One Jakarta. The gathering was attended by Kamilias from Jakarta and also other cities in Indonesia. According to Febri, the event coordinator, this event was conducted to tighten the bond and to increase the activeness of Indonesian Kamilias. In this gathering, Kamilias not just gather and get to know each other, but were also entertained with interesting performances and games.



XQuizite (L-R) – Retno (Nicole), Piyoung (Jiyoung), Elisa (Gyuri), Vyra (Seungyeon) dan Syarifah (Hara)

This first gathering being the biggest Karanesia gathering ever, warmed up with an excellent performance from XQuizite. XQuizite being a dance cover group performed a medley of top Kara hits. Enjoy XQuizite’s performance at the gathering below:

After the sweet performance from XQuizite, the stage was owned by Tina and Bara—two Karanesia member who attended Kara’s K5J Fragrance press conference and showcase in Singapore. They share about their experience meet and interact with Kara’s members on the stage. Tina is one of the lucky Kamilia who were dragged to the stage and interacted directly with Kara. Here are some footage of their experience on stage with Kara:

After a jaw dropping performance from XQuizite and a heart pounding experience from Tina and Bara, the audiences loosen their nerves with a comical performance from Karanesia’s standup comedian. His K-Pop jokes automatically burst laughter from the audiences.


The main act of this event is a documentary video screening about KARA from their first debut until now. All audiences seem enjoyed the video while shouting fan chants and cheer for their idol. The event closed with a flashmob. All the audience dance along to Kara’s medley song plus PSY’s Gangnam Style in the end of the gathering.


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Article by: Farhad @ KAvenyou (Contributed by Doni)
Photography by: Eqi @ KAvenyou
Video Credits: As Tagged


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