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KARA sparkles with their Jewel fragrance in first visit to Singapore



11 July 2012, Singapore – Korean girl group KARA, whom have been well received in Japan ventured into the fragrance market by becoming the first Korean artiste to launch their own premium fragrance line, “K5J”. ‘K5J’ – which stands for KARA 5 JEWEL was named to remind them that the perfume is a special jewel that the five of them created together in Paris.

As part of the promotions for the K5J fragrance, KARA arrived in Singapore for the first time for a fansign event at Causeway Point, followed by a media conference before ending the visit with a showcase. Seungyeon was unable to be in Singapore, as she was reported to have been hospitalized for acute anemia. The rest of the girls were apologetic for her absence, but remains full of energy and delivers a good amount of fan service throughout to make up for the shortfall.


The media conference was held at Resorts World Sentosa in the afternoon, prior to the showcase later in that evening. The girls were dressed in pearly white mini dresses with sequins, looking all gorgeous and stunning. They shared about how the enjoyed their rides at Universal Studios and more with the media. Below is a short transcript of the interview:

Q: How do you feel about Singapore, being here the first time?
Gyuri: This is our first time here in Singapore, the fans are very friendly and much more passionate than what we have thought. We definitely had a good time yesterday, and look forward to tonight’s showcase.

Q: What are the places you have been to in Singapore?
Nicole: Yesterday we went to Universal Studios in the afternoon, and went to eat pepper and chill crab. We enjoyed the roller coaster ride at Universal Studios, got many souvenirs and screamed alot.

Q: You girls went to france to meet up with perfumers, and the fragrance was made in UK. So how long did it took for you girls to come up with the fragrance and design itself?
Jiyoung: We went to Paris last year, and all 5 of us agreed and chose the scent ourselves, and this is how we created K5J.

Q: How do you girls feel being the first Korean girl group to launch your own fragrance line?
Gyuri: We are very honored to be the first girl group to have our signature perfume, and hope everyone will like the scent. We will also hope to venture out to other lines as well in future.

Q: Kara is very popular in Korea and other parts of Asia, so what do you think is the most attractive factor that allows Kara to have such a strong following?
Nicole: Although we have a professional image on stage, but when we’re off stage we have a more friendly and outgoing image. I guess that allows our fans to approach us more easily like a “girl next door” image. We try to be more approachable and fun-going to our fans off stage.


The media conference ended with a photo opportunity for media representatives.

We would like to thank the organizers, MediaCorp Vizpro for inviting us to the media conference, and all the sponsors and partners for making this event possible.

More photographs available at KARA K5J Singapore Showcase Media Conference on Facebook.

Article by: James @ KAvenyou
Photography: Clarence


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