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KAn’t Nobody Hold KAvenyou Down 2NE1 giveaway contest!

KAn’t Nobody Hold KAvenyou Down 2NE1 giveaway contest!

Attention all Blackjacks! The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived- the KAn’t Nobody Hold KAvenyou Down 2NE1 giveaway contest! We don’t have Chrome Hearts or Jeremy Scott, but we do have one set of 2NE1 premium goods (1 AUTOGRAPHED album, 1 lightstick, 1 towel) to give away to one special Blackjack! That’s right, not just one autographed album, but one ENTIRE SET! There will be consolation prizes given out as well! Can’t nobody hold KAvenyou down/ Nothing’s gonna take us down~

This is what YOU need to do to prove to us that you are the Blackjack best deserving of this amazing giveaway! Read the instructions carefully before asking any questions!

1)     Find your favourite 2NE1 photo that you’d like to use. (P.S. Your photo does not strictly have to feature the 2NE1 members. If you think your photo has great relevance to 2NE1, feel free to use it too. For example: Big Bang, Tam Tam and corn are all acceptable. We want you to be as creative as possible!)

2)     Channel your inner gagman and caption it with something that you think will make the KAvenyou team laugh.

3)    Tadah! Your 2NE1 meme/macro is now complete! Send the .jpeg file to, along with a short statement describing why KAvenyou and 2NE1 are the best. You can type this statement in the email; please do NOT include it in the meme/macro itself. LIMITED TO ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!

4)    The KAvenyou team will then pick and share our top entries in a Facebook album. Psst: Make sure you have already liked us on our Facebook page and followed us on Twitter if you haven’t done so!

5)    If your work is selected and shared in the album, get your friends to like your photo and share share share! Get your friends to like our Facebook page for a higher chance to win!

6)    The grand prize winner will be selected based on most number of likes and KAvenyou’s pick (we will of course explain why we chose the winning work when announcing the results ^^)

Confused? We have some great examples below:

(Credits to their individual creators! None of these belong to KAvenyou)

Please send all of your creations to before 01/12/2012, 2359. Late entries will be rejected, regardless of how funny they may be! One entry is limited to each person, so if multiple entries are sent, we will still only accept the first entry.

We now declare the KAn’t Nobody Hold KAvenyou Down 2NE1 giveaway open! Let’s go party!!


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