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K-Pop Star Hunt S2’s Rendy Lauwady shares about his love life and upcoming plans as a professional singer

K-Pop Star Hunt S2’s Rendy Lauwady shares about his love life and upcoming plans as a professional singer


From Indonesia to Singapore and finally to South Korea- that’s how far 20-year old Rendy Lauwady was willing to go in hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a singer. Fans of tVN’s K-pop Star Hunt Season 2 should be familiar with Rendy’s zero to hero story, and how he went from singing in pubs to training in the prestigious Cube Entertainment headquarters as Singapore’s representative in the hit reality tVN programme. KAvenyou talks to Rendy about his stint on the show, his collaboration stage with super rookies BTOB, his love life, and upcoming plans as a professional singer.

Interview Transcript

1. Congratulations on your impressive run on K-pop Star Hunt Season 2! For our readers who may not be most familiar with the show, can you briefly tell us how you managed to beat the competition and successfully become one of the two Singaporean representatives?

R: Thanks :) It was an amazing experience. I flew specially to Singapore for the audition and I am proud that I can be given the chance to be chosen as one of the finalists to represent Singapore.

2. Did you experience any culture shock or difficulties in adapting to the new environment during your stay in Korea?

R: Yeah, it’s a shock for me. Because not only is the culture differnet, there weather is very different too as compared to back home too. But I am really happy to be able to learn more of the Korean culture. They are very polite people, especially towards the elderly.

3. What was your training schedule like? Was it as tough as the full time Cube trainees’ training schedules?

R: It wasn’t really as tough. Training in my country is very different from that in Korea. The Koreans are really hardworking and that motivated me to work as hard as them.

4. You later shed tears in the dormitory after the team’s loss. Can you tell us a bit of what was going through your mind at that moment? If given a chance again, would you still have chosen your original three team members, or would you have picked someone else?

R: It is because I felt that I didn’t fulfil my duties as a leader. I tried hard to get a way  faster than the other team(erul) and we really did, we always got to the mission place faster but unfortunately we always lose in every game.

5. You also expressed interest in a specific female contestant, Isarapa from Thailand, making a cute love line in the show. Do you still keep in contact with her after the show?

R: She’s naturally cute, not acting cute. The way she talk , think, sing, is so cute. But I treat her like my little sister too. I do not only keep in contact with her, but also with all the others in the show as we are like a big family now.

6. One of the missions in the show was to perform with a BTOB member. Can you tell us more about your experience working with a professional K-pop idol? What were  some of the most memorable moments from that partnership?

R: I’m honoured and proud to be able to collaborate with them(BtoB) and the most memorable moment was when we were practicing together and when sungjae called me Hyung(ㅠㅠ) because he’s taller than me. He’s a nice guy. I want to take this opportunity to thank him as I was unable to do so after the competition. Yeah I hope that we can sing together again :) ㅋㅋ

7. Congratulations on your record deal in Indonesia! What can fans expect to see from you in the near future? Thank you.

R: I hope that I can give my best in future to all of my supporters in indonesia, singapore,  Philippines and I am very thankful for the many people out there who are supportive of me. And I hope in the future that they will see me in a big concert.

8. Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring K-pop stars who are reading this interview right now?

R: “Never Stop Dreaming! Without a dream there’s no hope. Fall and failed? Wake up,  stand up, walk, and run till the finish line, because everything is an experience. You should make the best out of your precious life and not wait till the day you die.And  don’t forget to place your faith in God.

Do remember to catch K-Pop Star Hunt S2 on Channel M, every Saturdy 10pm on mio TV Ch. 518 (HD) OR StarHub TV Ch. 824 / 874 (HD).

Article by: Rachel@KAvenyou


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    he showed that next time, they should have the Indonesian audition… because there are so many talented singers here…
    So… tVN’s K-pop Star Hunt Season 3, add Indonesia as your next stop too…

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