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K-Pop Star Hunt S2’s Anthea Wang 袁瑜同 shares about her dark style, O’Levels and her bangs

K-Pop Star Hunt S2’s Anthea Wang 袁瑜同 shares about her dark style, O’Levels and her bangs


18 January 2013, Singapore – The popular singing reality show, K-Pop Star Hunt is back for Season 2. With a whopping 68% increase in entries, S2 is back with more countries participating in this regional contest. For Singapore, a bevy of celebrities such as H.O.T Tony An and 4Minute were in town to lend their support for the reality competition.

For S1, judges were looking for the all-rounder candidate to be a K-Pop Star and S2’s competition turns up the heat with judges from ch M, Cube Entertainment and CJ E&M looking for a winner that has great singing talents.

KAvenyou had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with season 2 Singapore audition winner, 17 year old Anthea Wang 袁瑜同, for her to share some thoughts on things that you may not have seen on the show.

She was selected as the Singapore winner out of 1248 entries to represent Singapore alongside runner-up Rendy Lauwady to join 14 other participants from 7 other Asean countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I order to fulfil her dreams, she also took the plunge in deferring her crucial GCE ‘O’ Levels exams, a major sacrifice for a teenager at her age.

Interview Transcript

1. What was her first emotions felt upon hearing that she won the Singapore auditions?
A: I was definitely shocked – everyone who auditioned was so amazing, the last person I expected to win was me.

2. What was the key factor that made you decide to defer your O’Levels fo this show? Was your confidence level in winning/progressing in the show a big factor?
A: Confidence definitely had nothing to do with my decision to defer my O levels. The key factor was this opportunity – the opportunity the learn and experience things I wouldn’t be able to learn/experience in school.

3. How do you think you measure up with your fellow competitors when you first heard them sing or see them perform?
A: They really blew me away – I started to wonder, “wow, was it really the right choice to have selected me to compete against these extremely talented people?”

4. Do you have any mental impression of how being a trainee is like prior to the show, and was the actual thing different from what you had expected?
A: Prior to the show I heard lots of horror stories of being a trainee in korea and so I expected that the training we would have to go through would be really intense. However, this was not the case, our training wasn’t as rigorous as I thought it would be although I’m quite sure what we underwent was less than 50% of what the real stars have to go through.

5. From the interviews you had in the show, you seem to have various personal thoughts in terms of the feedback from the trainers and stylists. Do you think that your preferred dark and powerful image would suit the song that you have chosen, and why?
A: Yes. The song I chose for my mission, “who’s laughing now” by Jessie J, is a powerful song. It’s also slightly arrogant, which is why I think a darker and more powerful image would suit the song better. However, the stylists suggested that I would be more suited to have a cute an innocent image. I would normally be willing to try it out but it wasn’t really relevant to my choice of song at all.

6. During the makeover, you seem to be pretty upset having been advised to cut your hair. What thoughts went through your mind and were you satisfied by the results of the makeover?
A: I wasn’t upset because my hair was cut short. I was upset because the head stylist of the salon insisted that she would cut my bangs above my eyebrows, which I did not want and we had a small argument. When they were cutting my hair, I was relieved as they did not go as far as to cut my bangs above my eyebrows – I’d spent the whole time crying imagining how THAT would look like. However, I was horrified as after they finished cutting my hair, they proceeded to curl it, which made me cry even harder. When we returned to the dorm I refused to look at my reflection until my hair was washed and straight again.

7. Care to share with us on who were the celebrities that you met in or during the course of the show? Any interesting or unforgettable one?
A: We met BtoB at a restaurant once, we greeted them and they told us to eat well. We also walked past JB (Im Jae Bum) from JJ project and Rendy caught a glimpse of wonder girls’ Ahn So Hee as she was entering JYP entertainment.

8. Would you continue to pursue the goal of becoming a K-Pop star, and do you have any tips for future participants?
A: I wouldn’t say “continue” to pursue as I have never had the goal of becoming a K-POP star. I would definitely continue to enter competitions and submit online auditions though. My tips for future participants would be to not let others get you down, and to never climb by putting others down.

Do remember to catch K-Pop Star Hunt S2 on Channel M, every Saturdy 10pm on mio TV Ch. 518 (HD) OR StarHub TV Ch. 824 / 874 (HD).

Article by: James @ KAvenyou

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