K-Pop idol emoticons taking Kakaotalk by storm!


Singapore, 1 April 2014
– Emoticons (emotion icons) have always been very popular amongst the younger generation of Koreans. In a typical conversation, you would be able to find icons that look like ^^, (´∆ `), (˚π˚), (T.T), (>_<) and as of late, messaging platform, Kakaotalk has been releasing a series of emoticons featuring famous K-Pop idols.

In the past, it did collaborations with Big Bang to promote their app outside of South Korea. This time, with the help of idol emoticons, more international fans are starting to use Kakaotalk.

Here are some of the emoticons that are available on both Android and iOS.

Artists like Girls’ Generation and SHINee previously had emoticons on Kakaotalk that were only available in South Korea. As these two groups are one of the world’s most popular groups, naturally international fans could see themselves being able to buy these emoticons now.

Most recently, Choo Sarang from the variety show, ‘Superman Returns‘, even got her own set of Kakaotalk emoticons due to her huge popularity in South Korea and all over Asia.

Head over to Kakaotalk to get your hands on these emoticons now!

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