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JYJ’s XIA Junsu finishes his solo world tour “Tarantallegra” with a successful concert in Germany



30 November 2012, Germany – Junsu finished his solo World Tour in Oberhausen, Germany. The tour, which had started as in Asia, became a world tour to celebrate the success of the album “Tarantallegra”. Junsu had already visited countries in Asia, North America and South America before performing in Germany. Fans from Germany, but also France, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy and more came to show their love to Junsu.

A group of fans explained “Even though it wasn’t easy for us to come here, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Junsu is awesome on a stage, we love his solo album, and during the concert he also sings extracts from his musical. It’s a shame that we can’t see our musical ourselves, so we’re excited to see him  perform a few songs. The fact that this will be his first activity since JYJ’s lawsuit came to an end just makes being here even more meaningful”.


During the concert, Junsu indeed performed songs from Mozart and Elisabeth, the musicals that made him a recognized musical actor. And, as wished by a fan during his “genie time”, he even sang a few lines from Tears of Heaven, the other musical he was a part of.

“Genie time” is a special gift from Junsu to his fans, during which he grants one wish to three fans. The other wishes of the day included the now-famous “angel pose” from Junsu, but also an unusual request. A fanboy got the opportunity to go on stage to dance some moves of “Tarantallegra” together with Junsu, who looked impressed and happy at his fan’s skills.


The evening went by with the songs from Junsu’s album and with fans dancing and singing along. Jumping on “Set me free”, cheering loudly on “Intoxication” or waving their blue lightsticks as a special event on “Uncommitted”, the fans did their best to show their support. Junsu obviously could feel it, and rewarded them with a bright smile and many “Thank you” in Korean, English and German.

Now that his tour is finished, XIA Junsu will face a new challenge. He will hold three concerts at the end of the year, in Korea, singing ballads and musical songs with a live orchestra.

We would like to thank Twisted Talent for inviting us to Xia concert in Oberhausen.

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XIA Junsu Tarantallegra World Tour in Oberhausen Germany 

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Article by: Celine @ KAvenyou


  1. Lilie

    I was there and he was awesome. Junsu, JYJ come back soon please!

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