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KAvenyou: Your Avenue to Non-stop Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion | February 7, 2016

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Jay Park Talks of Abs, Bromance, and Dating In Singapore Press Conference

Jay Park Talks of Abs, Bromance, and Dating In Singapore Press Conference

27 April 2012; Jay Park‘s New Breed press conference was a pleasant way to say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday). Decked in a Lacoste cardigan and jeans, looking real comfy, Jay Park appeared all smiles. He is here in Singapore for his solo showcase to promote his newly released album ‘New Breed’.

Unable to decide between the many wonderful songs and genres, hence an amazing 15 songs have been compiled. From R&B, hiphop, dance to acoustics, a full package of 15 tracks, the album features artistes like Dok2, Bizzy, Tasha, Tiger JK and more.

The press conference went smoothly, with Jay conversing in his fluent English, answering to the best of his abilities. He talks about his tattoos, ideal girl type and dating, diet and abs, bromance, amongst the many juicy deets.

The reason behind choosing “Know Your Name” as his title track was due to the sexy charisma it exudes. An aura he wishes to portray on stage. When asked to comment on his ideal type, he likes someone down-to-earth, simple and fun. As long as she is not ‘crazy’ and Jay is attracted, she scores a second date!

He was taken aback when asked of his thoughts regarding the topic of bromance and fanboys. After recovering from the unexpectedness, and laughing it off, Jay answers the questions posed.

A recent experience in Korea was when a couple of fanboys got on each other’s shoulders just to get a glimpse of Jay. Nothing too fanatic yet, in his words “no one has tackled him yet”. And I certainly hope no one does! Being a fanboy of Usher when he was young, he is definitely flattered to know that he has fanboys looking up to him. He admits to being “touchy but not in a weird way, (more of a) sentimental way”.

The topic of his washboard abs arose, with the mention of his appearance on Immortal Song 2. He performed legendary Patti Kim’s song and pulled up his shirt in a sleek move. When asked about his requirements for exposing his abs, he cheerily replied “whenever they are ready!” To our disappointment, no abs was revealed during the press conference, but stay tuned to some yummy surprise at the showcase!

Special thanks to organizer Universal Music Singapore for the kind invitation to Jay Park’s exclusive press conference. For more news on future events, remember to follow them on Facebook as well as Twitter!


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