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Jaejoong successfully completed his first fanmeet in Indonesia!

Jaejoong successfully completed his first fanmeet in Indonesia!

Jakarta, 3 November 2012 – Kim Jaejoong has successfully interacted with his fans in his first fan meeting in Indonesia even in a very sick condition in Mata Elang Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. The event was held by SH Entertainment Indonesia who had successfully held Tim Hwang Live in Jakarta a couple months ago. In his first fan meeting in Indonesia, Jaejoong was unable to neither speak nor sing in this fan meeting because of his health condition. He was hospitalized before heading to Jakarta and he was prohibited to speak. In his very weak condition, Jaejoong still pushed himself to stand and meet his fans. Even he had to communicate through text with his iPad with the audience.

In this fan meeting, the fans cheered and screamed unstoppably every time Jaejoong answered the questions or when he gave a smile. He said through his translator that he was very sorry because he cant speak and had to come in a sick condition. The fans cheered for him and continuously said ‘gwenchana, gwenchana’ and kept cheering for him.

In this fan meeting, the trailer and behind-the-scenes of Jaejoong’s latest project with Song ji Hyo – ‘Jackal Is Coming’ was played. The behind-the-scenes footage was played for the first time ever and Indonesian fans got the honor to watch it first. In ‘Jackal is Coming’, Jaejoong played a cute and mischievous person. For this role, he even walked on the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival and he said that he was very nervous because it was his first time standing on a red carpet of an international event.

Indonesian fans love Jaejoong’s Time Slip Dr. Jin drama. He shared about his favorite scene from this drama. In the drama, he had to shoot a gun, he said that he was very shocked when he shot the gun, because it was his first time holding a gun. The MC asked Jaejoong, will he sacrifice his life for a girl that he loves just like in the drama? Jaejoong answered with his iPad while smiling, “It depends on what kind of girl she is.”

When he shared his favorite scene from the drama “Protect The Boss”, he was asked about some relationship matters. The MC asked if Jaejoong has ever fell in love with his co-worker in one of his drama. Jaejoong smiled and answered, “I’ve never fell in love with the actress, but once I fell in love with the production staff.” The crowd screamed hysterically. He also added, “I like her because she was a hardworking and cheerful person.”

Jaejoong was scheduled to sing his song from “Time Slip Dr. Jin” drama, but due to his condition, the entire audience sang the song for Jaejoong instead. He was standing on the stage while the whole crowd sang for him.

Before the fan meeting ended, Jaejoong once again pushed his body up off the seat for his fans and did a photo shoot and high-fived with all of the audience. He took pictures with 40 members of the audience for each session and then he high fived and even shook the fans’ hands one by one. It took almost 2 hours for him to do a hand shake for his 3000 fans. He was very sick back then, but he still pushed himself on for his fans. Some fans cried, and some cheered unstoppably for their idol who did his best even in his worst condition.

Find some footage from Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting here:

Written by: Farhad @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Eqi @ KAvenyou

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