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Jakarta. Again, Indonesian Thai fans was spoiled by the arrival of Thai artists who are very popular from the series Hormones. Thithi Mahayotaruk (Bank Thithi), Punpun Sutatta Udomslip (Punpun), Tor Leeratanakachorn (Tor Thanapob) and the director Chayanob Boonprakob (Moo) came to Jakarta with their new movie ‘May WHO’ last Saturday 24 October 2015.

The event was held by Faenhaus organizer and dedicated to all thai fans in Indonesia. The event took place in CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia, one of the biggest shopping mall in Jakarta and cost IDR 550k and IDR 350k for a single ticket. The event lasted around 2 hours from 7 pm to 9 pm Jakarta time.


On 7 pm sharp, all fans got into the venue to meet their favorite artists. The event began with greetings from the all of cast who greet the fans with Bahasa Indonesia. “Hai Indonesia. Nama saya (my name is) Tor Thanapob. Nice too meet you “called tor who became the first person to greet the fans Indonesia. The fans scream and chant endlessly. The other cast also do the same thing and followed by loud chant from the fans.

The Its May Who Day event continue with various games. Starting from the question and answer to the cast. There are also a wish session. All audience had their wishes written on a post it and posted on a board. The cast randomly pick some post and do the written wish. Some lucky fans also got a chance to get a Polaroid and selfies with the cast. Not to forget also all the cast had time to do a dance together with the finalist cover dance contest held by the organizer a few days before the event.


Before the event ended, all cast took group pictures with the audiences. Those who bought the Who1st class also got a chance to high five with them. Unfortunately all media can’t witnessed this last moment directly.

Fortunately, we also had a chance for a short private interview with all of cast and the director.

What made you all of cast interested to play in this movie?

Tor : GTH is like my own home so if GTH offer new movies for me, I will accept it gladly. The film also has challenged me and made me feel like there’s a new feel that I can’t explain. That point I was very interested and happy to play in this movies.

Punpun: as tor said before, GTH has been like our home. So whatever made by GTH definitely nice and got me interested. More ever, director moo also in this project, who also once made suckseed and I have no doubt in his ability.

Bank: because this is my first Movie, so it made me so happy and interested. More ever, there is director Moo. It would be so great.


In this movie, there are a lot of animation scene and you guys dub the character yourself. Is this the first time you be a voice artist? Which more difficult to act in front of the camera or to be a voice artist?

Moo: So I created the script first, and ask them (the cast) to read them with the whole expression things. And then, we use their expression as a guideline for the animators to create the animation.

Tor : for me,  this is my first time. As a voice actor, I need to express my feeling and character in such limited condition, while when I acted in front of camera, I feel free to express. So I think it’s more difficult to be a voice actor.

Punpun: yes me too. More difficult to be a voice actress.

Bank Thithi only smile and the end said “krub”.


So, are you guys excited to watch the movie? What are you waiting for, go to the nearest theatre and make sure you watch the movie “May Who”. Have a great day, maybe, may who?

Article: rasyakarin @ KAvenyou
Photo : doll @ KAvenyou

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