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Introducing Twi-light and their Singapore ShowKase Media Conference

Twi-light-Singapore-Press-Conference- 028

Twi-light-Singapore-Press-Conference- 028

TWI-LIGHT (트와일라잇), in short for Trend World Idol – Light, is a 7 member boy-band under YEIL Entertainment. Twi-light debuted on 3rd August 2011 with their 1st digital single “Without You”. They had their debut stage on KBS Music Bank on 16 September 2011. They came back with their 2nd mini-album “Twi-Light” on 3rd February 2012.

Twi-light garnered attention after the release of the song ‘Love is Difficult (사랑은 어려워)’, an OST for Korean drama “Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자)” starring JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

Before the group reconstruction after their debut, there were 4 members who were previously in the group 20star – Siwoo, Sangmin, Zeno and Jaeyoon. After the member change, Jaeyoon is the only one left from 20star. Newly added members were TN, TaeSung and Black.

Members’ Profile


Choi Sang Ryul (최상렬), with stage name SiWan (시완), born on 22 December 1989. SiWan is the leader and rapper of Twi-light. He also has a younger sister.


Tae Sung (태성) is born on 29 January 1991. He is the main vocal of the group. Before joining Twi-light, Taesung was in a band performing in Hongdae.


Minyoung (민영) is born on 24 January 1989. He is the vocal of the group and is skilled in playing piano. He is the only child in the family.


Tien, TN (티엔) is born in 14 March 1992. He is the Rapper of the group. Having lived in China for seven years since young, TN is fluent in Chinese. He moved back to Korea to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.


Im Jaeseok (임재석), with stage name Jaeyoon (재윤), is born on 5 November 1994. Jaeyoon is the Vocal of the group, also a former 20star member. He is known for B-boying within the group and started this hobby during his middle school days. He also has an elder sister.


Hee Chun (희천) is born on 2 September 1995. He is the Sub-vocal of the group. In 2008, Heechun shot a commercial with the role as Pinocchio with actor Kim In Moon. Netizens were shocked the rate he has grown within 4 years. His agency, YEIL Entertainment also mentioned that Heechun has great potential because he can act, sing and dance, making him an all-rounded entertainer.


Black (블랙) is born on 13 December 1996, he is the maknae and vocal of the group. Despite the young age, Black is a Taekwondo certified 4 (Black belt).


KAvenyou met the boys at the media conference, and below are the inside scoops that we found out.

Q. Since this is your first overseas showcase, would you like to share your feelings on the performance yesterday night at the ShowKase?

A. We were initially very nervous since this was our first overseas showcase. But the fans were really enthusiastic and supporting, this made us comfortable afterwards.

Q. If you could use one word to introduce each member, what would it be?
A. “Black” for the maknae since this is his stage name. “Leader” for SiWan, “Fresh” for Minyeong, “Clean & Pure” for TaeSung.

Q. How did you find the ShowKase last night?
A. We prepared for quite a long time for the ShowKase but we find that our performances were not good enough.

Q. Since Singapore is well-known for its food, is there any Singaporean dish that you would like to try or have already tried?

A. It was our first time trying Singapore’s food, we don’t really know the name of the dishes but we find the food tasty. We just had the Chicken Rice for lunch, the dish and its chilli sauce are really delicious.

Q. What are your ideal type of girls?
SiWan: KARA! Park Gyuri and Goo Hara! I like girls with dollish baby face!
Minyeong: Lee Hyori!
Hee Chun: A girl with pale face (fair skin) and black hair!
TaeSung: I prefer kind girls! A little pretty should be okay!
Black: SISTAR’s Hyorin!

Q. What are your future music plans ? For example albums or mini-albums.
A. We don’t have future plans for future albums yet. But until further news are released, we will be having overseas promotions.

Q. What are the member’s individual talents?
A. Taesung can sing very gently, he will be singing a part of 4MEN’s song for you. HeeChun is good at dancing and he self-claimed to be a dancing machine. He will be showing you a part of the chorography for our song “Twilight”. Actually, we know a lot of Korean jokes and voice imitations but we are worried that you might not fully understand.

Q. Twi-light has sang an OST for the Korean drama “Rooftop Prince”, is there any difference singing for your own album and singing for a drama?
A. We don’t really feel nervous when we record and sing the songs for our album. Since drama will be aired to public, they are worried that they might affect the popularity of the drama. In comparison, we prefer singing our own songs.

Q. We understand that there are 7 members in total, what happened to the other 2 members?
A. One of them was injured and the other could not make it due to school. We had lesser time to practice due to the member’s injury and we are really sorry for that.

Q. Since the other 2 members are not present, would you like to introduce them?
A. TIEN (TN) is the vocal and rapper, he studied in China for a long time and is fluent in Chinese. Jaeyoon just got into University this year and he’s really cute. He can B-boy really well too!

Q. Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans in Singapore?
A. We find it very unexpected and we were surprised with the number of fans who welcomed them at the airport. We thought that we didn’t have any fans here. We are really thankful to the fans and we love you!

Q. What are your wishes and hopes for the rest of 2012?
A. We hope to stay healthy throughout the year and don’t get sick. We hope that our next album will be successful and we aim to get a music award at the end of the year.

Twi-light also expressed that they would like to hold another showcase in Singapore if possible. They went through a lot to be able to perform in Singapore and hope that their effort is visible to all at the ShowKase.

For more great photographs of the media conference, please head to our Facebook Page below:
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Thanks to KPOPGAGA for bringing the artistes to Singapore, and do continue following their page for updates on how the groups are doing via their blog.

Article by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
Photography by: James @ KAvenyou

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