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Introducing Free Star and their Singapore ShowKase Media Conference

Free-Star-Singapore-Press-Conference- 03

Free-Star-Singapore-Press-Conference- 03

Free Star debuted in 2010 with their 1st single “Diss.” They originally debuted with four members – CEO, TK, Min Jung & Dam Yoo under FM Entertainment. After several member change, the group currently consists of 4 members – CEO, Erum, Niu and SeulA.


Jeong Ji-eun (정지은), going by the stage name CEO, is born on 24 November 1989. She is the oldest member of the group and also the Leader and Rapper.


Ha MinJee (하민지), with stage nam Erum, is born on 14 January 1992. She is the main vocal of the group.


Kim HaYeon (김하연), with stage name Niu is born on 10 March 1992. She is the vocal of the group.


Ko JiHyun (고지현), with stage name SeulA is born on 11 August 1995. She is both the maknae and vocal of the group.



Q. This is your first visit here, how do you find Singapore so far?
SeulA: Singapore is very clean and sunny. All the buildings are really tall.
Niu: The sceneries and infrastructures are really beautiful.

Q. Can you describe the member next to you?
ERUM: SeulA is very sexy even though she is very young. She’s really kind and pretty!
SEULA: I really like CEO unni’s voice! And she can cook really well too!
CEO: Niu is the happy virus in the group. She’s is a very good listener and listens to everyone’s stories and troubles. She’s very hardworking too!
NIU: Erum unni is really pretty and she is someone who sings emotionally. She has a nice figure too!

Q. What have you been doing in Singapore?
SeulA: We visited the Clarke Quay Area and watched the Live bands performing there.
CEO: I hope to come back here again!
Niu: I’m impressed with the buzz during the night and the music!

Q. Are there any attractions that you have heard about Singapore and would like to visit?
Niu: I heard there were many shopping malls in Singapore but I couldn’t go due to our schedule.
CEO: I wanted to go to Clarky Quay but luckily we went on the first day! Even though we only got to stay for 30 minutes but I really enjoyed it.
SeulA: We heard a lot about Clark Quay! I really like the place!
Erum: Yes! Me too! 
Niu: The bungee jump in Clark Quay. But I didn’t dare to give it a try because I thought my heart couldn’t take it. We heard about a lot of attractions in Singapore but we don’t have time to visit.
Erum: I heard about Sentosa !

Q. Do you have anything to say to your fans who went to the showKase last night?
SeulA: We are really thankful to all our fans. We feel like we are friends with our fans because we communicate a lot via Twitter.
Erum: Actually we recognised some fans at the ShowKase who also came to welcome us at the airport. We were really touched by their continuous support for us. It was the first time meeting the fans face-to-face since they only get to talk on Twitter previously.

Q. Is there any difference between Singapore fans and Korean fans?
SeulA: Singapore fans are really friendly and caring.
CEO: They came to us and told us that we were really nice.
Erum: They are really cheerful and always smiling.

Niu: They showed us a lot of supoort. We are really thankful to all of you.
CEO: We are sad that we can’t communicate too well in English with the fans.

Q. You are going to make your debut in Japan soon, what are the preparations that you have made?
Erum: We are studying Japanese at the moment. We are also planning on starting with our own musical, it’s a true story of our own.

Q. Is there any fans that left a deep impression for you?
CEO: Yes! There’s a fan named Vicky, we used to talk on Twitter and we finally got to met her at the airport. She also sent gifts to Korea, and she also made a pla-card to tell us that she’s Vicky.
Niu: There are also some fans to came to visit us in Korea.

CEO: We are really thankful to all of you!
Erum: We are impressed that some fans could write in Hangul. I remember that there is one fan who wrote in Hangul “Please don’t forget me!”

Q. Is there a “mother” in the group?
ALL: *points to CEO* CEO unni is the most caring one and always takes care of us. She can cook really well and always cooked delicious dishes for us.

Q. The group went through a member change, CEO was the only original member. How was the change like?
CEO: I feel that there are differences after each change but finally we have a real group. I hope this is the last member change.

Q. Is there a role model you look up to as a group and as an individual.
ALL: As a group, we look up to Brown Eyed Girls sunbaenims because they are really sexy and explosive.
Erum: 2NE1’s CL sunbaenim!
SuelA: 2NE1’s CL too!
CEO: Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo sunbaenim, she can rap really well.
Niu: Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga-in sunbaenim and 2NE1’s CL sunbaenim. They had alot of charisma!

Q. Everyone knows that Singapore is popular for its food. Anything that you would like to try?
SeulA: I really like the Chicken Rice
CEO: Egg tarts! One of our fans gave us egg tarts!
Niu: I like the dish that look like sandwich! (Referring to Kong Ba Pau aka Braised Pork Bun)

CEO: The fried fish cake is really tasty too, it was given to us from our fan and it’s really delicious!
Erum: The smoothes from cafes are really nice!

Q. What are your plans as a group for the rest of the year?
A. We will be having showcases and if possible concerts. We will have a new album next year and we are practicing and working very hard on it now.

Q. What are some of the difficulties you faced as a group?

CEO: We had to perform in heels. So we wear heels even though we are going to supermarket to get used to it.

Q. Would you like to recommend a Korean dish that you would like your fans to try?

Niu: Spicy Rice Cakes!
CEO: For me, it’s Kim Chi!

For more great photographs of the media conference, please head to our Facebook Page below:
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Thanks to KPOPGAGA for bringing the artistes to Singapore, and do continue following their page for updates on how the groups are doing via their blog.

Article by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
Photography by: James @ KAvenyou

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