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Indonesian ELF’s SUPER13EE Festival to Close Year 2013

Indonesian ELF’s SUPER13EE Festival to Close Year 2013


Jakarta. This is the third event held by Gath_Elf (@Gath_Elf) in 2013 and called SUPER13EE (pronounced as Super Bee). Super Bee stands for ‘Super Big ELF Event’, an event that held special for Indonesian Elf in celebrating Super Junior’s 8th year existences in KPOP industry.

The event will be held on December 29th at 9AM-5PM in Graha Nandika Sucofindo Jakarta. The event will be filled by many kind of food and goods stall. The audiences also will be able to take pictures in Hanbok and also Super Junior member’s standee. There will also a special games booth where the audiences will be able to choose the kind of game and gain points to be redeemed with various prizes.

Not only enormous act in stands and booths, there will also various competitions in the event. 30 competitors will compete in dance and sing cover competition, and there will also a fanart competition which the fanarts will be placed all around the venue. To lighten the mood up, Gath_ELF also invited some performers that already known in Indonesian K-Pop fanbases such as Bou, Boni and Blitz.

So, Indonesian Elfs, are you ready for the show? Find more information at and also in the organizer’s twitter account @Gath_ELF

Source : Gath_ELF


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