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How to have a Korean Christmas in Singapore in 2013?

How to have a Korean Christmas in Singapore in 2013?

8 December 2013, Singapore – Cannot afford to fly yourself to winter wonderland in Korea, but would love to immerse in the K-Pop mood? Why not try to create the atmosphere right where you are in Singapore? Let us try to propose some things that you can possibly do to soak in the season of giving with a tinge of Korea.

1. Attend a K-Pop concert
What more obvious then buying tickets to a Korean Pop concert or event? Lunafly will be having a “Christmas with Lunafly” Live in Singapore event, so that would be an obvious choice.

What if they are not your cup of tea? Wait a little longer and you can do a belated Christmas with Rain and Nine Muses, and also countdown to 2014 with them as well at “Marina Bay Sands Presents RAIN With Nine Muses. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone aye?

2. Go Christmas shopping
Pretty obvious too for Christmas, but what we meant relates closer to the many Korean skincare brands in Singapore. Check out some of the promotions and beautiful Christmas packs available.

Etude House Singapore



thefaceshop-singapore-christmas-2013-01 thefaceshop-singapore-christmas-2013-02

Tony Moly


3. Get smoked by Korean BBQ
Clearly what better way to celebrate Christmas then by getting yourself soaked in BBQ smoke and loads of meat? Perhaps not such a great idea since turkey and ham leaves you smelling better. =P There are numerous popular joints in Tanjong Pagar including the always full 2D1N Soju Bang and the Super Star K Korean Restaurant.


4. Catch a Korean blockbuster
There has been an influx of Korean blockbusters featuring top Korean actors and actresses in recent times. Enjoy a simple Christmas by visiting the cinemas and enjoying a good show with your Korean stars. (No promises that the ivies will still be screening on Christmas eve or the day itself.)

Commitment (Featuring T.O.P)

No Breathing (Featuring Kwon Yuri, Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk)

no-breathing5. Have a “Silent” Night
How silent can you get with K-Pop? We recommend the best thing you can probably do alone, which is to enjoy some music at the comfort of your own home. Korean entertainment agencies have the habit of releasing Christmas singles for the season, and some Music Videos over YouTube wouldn’t hurt for sure.

These are some of our suggestions, why not you tell us what you will be doing this Christmas?

Article by: James @ KAvenyou

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