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Han Ga-in in Inaugural Singapore Press Conference

Han Ga-in in Inaugural Singapore Press Conference

For an actress that first gained attention for her stunning good looks, scouted after appearing on a television quiz programme as a high school student, Han Ga-in has come a long way.  Now aged 30 and married for nearly seven years to celebrity husband Yeon Jung-Hoon, Han Ga-in was a portrait of quiet confidence and class in her inaugural press conference in Singapore, in promotion of her film Architecture 101, the top grossing melodrama film in Korea this year.

When asked if Architecture 101’s critical and box-office success was long-time coming following her three-year hiatus from acting from 2007 to 2010, Han Ga-in thoughtfully confessed that the three-year wait was “tiring”. She added that the long break helped her to grow both as a person and as an actress, as she busied herself with exercise and self-study, while constantly mentally preparing herself for her next possible role.

The actress similarly displayed her pensive side when talking about her marriage.  Admitting that she married at a relatively young age, she revealed that she would sometimes think about what would have happened if she did not get married as early in life as she did. She shared that while on the plane to Singapore, she took time to reflect on her relationship with her husband, and how thankful she was to have him in her life.  It is evident that the two enjoy a very close relationship, though she jokingly claimed that she does not follow her husband’s current drama Vampire Prosecutor closely given the unbelievable nature of the storyline, because “how is it possible to live with a vampire?”

Han Ga-in also took time to discuss the other younger men in her life. When asked about how she feels about acting with younger male actors, she shyly laughed and said that while dating younger men is common in the Korean culture, she still felt somewhat burdened because of the age gap. She however expressed much enthusiasm when talking about Big Bang, confirming that she indeed has many pictures of G-Dragon, Big Bang’s 24-year-old leader, saved in her smart phone, but not before claiming that her husband is in fact a bigger fan than she is.

When posed with questions about her first love, the actress comically replied that the man in question “should never appear”, and gamely divulged that he was a “normal student” whom she dated during her first year in college, not unlike her character in Architecture 101. As for her “first love”, comedian Haha, in Running Man in which she recently appeared as a celebrity guest, Han Ga-in had nothing but praise for him. Calling him “cute” and “humorous”, she also said that she congratulated him on his recent marriage to singer Byul.

As for whether she would choose to change anything about the ending of the film, which weaves a bittersweet story of a first love lost and subsequent reunion, Han Ga-in says that she is mostly satisfied. “While perhaps a lot of audiences will leave the cinema feeling a sense of loss and regret, I believe this is the most appropriate ending for the film, given the circumstances.”

Architecture 101 is screening as part of the 2012 Singapore Korean Film Festival.

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Article by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

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