[GIVEAWAY] Hwarang The Poet Warrior Youth Posters!

If you are a K-Drama fanatic, then you will definitely know one of the hottest on-going K-Drama right now! And that is Hwarang, the Poet Warrior Youth!

The Historical Drama made up of pretty charming actors such as Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and the pretty actress, Go Ara!

Good news for all of you because KAvenyou will be giving away free posters of Hwarang (not autographed though we wished it is!) to YOU!

How to win?

Simply tell us how fast this drama will be available on VIU?
Hint* Check out VIU‘s page for the answer! XD

Do comment below with your answer and your email!

Winners will be notified via email, so please check your inbox!!!!

*Please do only submit one entry, or you will flood our comment page 🙁
*Please provide your NAME and EMAIL because then we are able to contact you!

The giveaway will end on 15 January 2017 – 6PM!

Check out VIU’s Facebook page for more updates and to watch your favourite drama for FREE!!

This event is proudly brought to you by KAvenyou & Viu 🙂

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29 Replies to “[GIVEAWAY] Hwarang The Poet Warrior Youth Posters!”

  1. Ans: 8 hours after korea

  2. Norain Binti Rozali says: Reply

    Hwarang will be as fast as 4 hours after Korea telecast.

  3. Answer :
    One can watch Hwarang on Viu Premium 24h after Korea or one can watch for FREE, 72h after Viu Premium.

    From 11 Jan (0000hrs) to 15 Jan 2017 (2359hrs), FREE priority viewing of all the latest shows in which everyone can you can watch Hwarang as fast as 4 hours after Korea’s telecast.

    Name : Yip Yan Yee
    E-Mail : yipyanyee@hotmail.com

    Thank you KAvenyou & Viu for the giveaway ! I really really wish to win !

  4. Every Tuesday and Wednesday


  5. It is available on Viu 8 hours after showing in Korea.

  6. Farihin Aminudin says: Reply

    4 hours after Korea telecasts!

  7. Hwarang is already available on VIU and each episode will be uploaded 8 hours after the korean broadcast which Premium users get to watch or 24 hours later.

  8. Answer: 8 hours! 🙂
    Name: Naomi Ang
    Email: naomiang310@gmail.com
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  9. Every Tuesday and Wednesday

  10. 8 hours

  11. as fast as 8 hours after native telecast!

  12. We can catch Hwarang on Viu Premium 8hrs after the broadcast in Korea!!

  13. Latest 8hours after the native television’ broadcast

  14. Viu Premium 24h after Korea or watch for FREE, 72h after Viu Premium

  15. HWARANG wil be released as fast as 4hrs on VIU after the broadcast!!

  16. For priority viewing, as fast as 8h after native telecast

  17. 8 Hours after korea with subs!

  18. 4 hours after Korea’s telecast.

  19. Hwarang can be viewed on Viu 8 hours later.
    Thank you for holding this giveaway😊

  20. 8 hours after Korea release! khinnhninnwaii17@gmail.com

  21. As fast as 8 hours after native telecast

  22. 8 hours!

  23. as fast as 8 hours!

  24. eight hours!

  25. 8hours after show time at korea .

  26. 4 hours

  27. Hwarang the Poet Warrior Youth will be available on Viu 8 hours after Korea’s telecast.

  28. Fadzulhasni Fadzil says: Reply

    Late but still wanna win this! 8 hours with english subtitles

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