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GDA 2013 Swag Check: Hairstyle Edition

GDA 2013 Swag Check: Hairstyle Edition

Thinking of changing your hair style just in time for the Chinese New Year? Well, look no further! The 27th Golden Disk Awards held in Kuala Lumpur’s Sepang F1 Circuit have just ended, and KAvenyou was present (thanks to Sunsilk!) to bring you the breakdown of our favourite K-pop celebrities’ fashion choices and outrageous hairstyles.

#10 Jinyoung of B1A4


While Jinyoung’s hair cut is arguably a staple for most K-pop boy band members, what really makes him stand out from the rest is his choice of hair colour- a shocking, spicy red which he pulls off with aplomb by matching it with an all-red shiny leather ensemble. Think that the red hair would be difficult to pull off in everyday life? Try a darker, more toned down shade of burgundy and flaunt your new hair colour with a muted monotone wardrobe. Just in time for to ring in CNY, plus you’ll definitely get all the girls talking (for the right reasons!)

#9 Sulli of f(x)


We love girls with short hair, and cutie pie Sulli shows us the perfect example of how girls can pull off cute and sweet even while rocking a boyish short crop. Keeping her hair colour simple by opting for a natural jet black, Sulli manages to still look flirtatiously sweet with full bangs and curled ends, giving her a innocent and dolly look. What happens when the bangs become overgrown and irritate your eyes? Sulli pushed her bangs up during her performance later that night, making sure that her hair never gets into her eyes, while showing off her pretty face at the same time.

#8 Jia of Miss A


Jia has rocked a multitude of hair colours and styles since her debut- from wacky pink to feisty orange, this fashionista has been there, done that. Which is why we adore her latest hair transformation- by keeping the majority of her hair a manageable dark brown, while at the same time incorporating her love of outrageous hair colours by adding in coloured hair extensions at the ends of her hair, her look is a fun, yet manageable option for girls (and boys!) who want to try the multi-coloured look for the very first time.

#7 BAP


We couldn’t choose just one member from BAP, because 1) we love them all! And because 2) well, they have the exact. same. hair colour. While we are not so keen on the choice of hair colour (We know ash grey is supposed to be edgy and cool but there are so many other colours to choose from!), we think BAP are extremely smart because sharing hair dye and dyeing your hair with your bros? Sounds like the best idea for a DIY hair makeover slumber party! Genius!

#6 Jieun from SECRET


Tired of tying your hair in a boring ponytail everyday for school? Look to Jieun’s red carpet hair for inspiration! Jieun sported a long, messy fishtail braid while walking the red carpet, and not only did the strong winds (the red carpet was held outdoors) failed to mess up her hair, she also managed to add a touch of elegance to her overall look with the timeless hairdo.

#5 Jiyeon of T-ARA


Dip-dye and ombré were all the rage last year, and judging from Jiyeon’s latest hair transformation, this hair trend is here to stay in 2013. Instead of dip dyeing only the ends of her hair, Jiyeon showed off an updated look of the dip-dye hair technique, choosing to dye her 3/4 of her long tresses with a pinkish red colour, leaving the remaining top of her hair blonde. The combination of blonde and red made her fair skin stand out, but we did notice that her hair looked dry from perhaps over-dyeing. Which brings us to…

#4 Sehun of EXO-K


Granted, the blonde hair look is no longer exciting by K-pop standards, but warranted EXO-K’s maknae Sehun a spot in this list was the quality of his hair. EXO-K fans should be well aware of his multiple dye jobs in the past few months (Green, grey, pink, blonde), yet when we saw Sehun on the red carpet and stage on the first night of the GDA we were stunned by how soft and silky his hair looked in real life. His hair looked incredibly healthy, and his hair cut gave him a cute boyish charm that added on to his youthful appeal. Let’s hope this good hair streak extends to all other 11 members for their impending February comeback!

#3 Taemin of SHINee


Thinking of getting a K-pop inspired hair cut but think that it’ll be too long and stuffy for Singapore’s unforgiving weather? Taemin’s newest hair cut should be the answer to your dilemma! Ditching his signature mushroom hair for the new and upgraded look, Taemin has truly evolved into a man with his messily tousled hair, with cropped sides and a hint of a fringe, complete with a new sexy dark colour. Not only does this style keep hair off his face, the shorter length also allowed Taemin to keep cool under Malaysia’s sweltering sun. Guys, you know which photo to save into your smartphones before your next scheduled hair appointment!

#2 Hara of KARA


Like we’ve said before, healthy hair completes your final look. Just like how we were impressed by Sehun’s soft and silky hair, Hara should be every girl’s hair role model. Let’s be honest, all guys like girls with long, silky hair, and Hara’s hair is the finest example of how impossibly attractive healthy hair can be. Dyed a simple brown and tied up into a high ponytail, Hara looked effortlessly chic, well put together and like a true goddess. No wonder Junhyung of BEAST couldn’t keep his eyes off her while on stage together later that night! ;)

#1 G-Dragon of BIG BANG


Love him or hate him, it’s almost impossible for us to exclude G-Dragon from any style list. We were definitely not expecting a new hair colour from GD considering how his last hair colour change was only about two weeks ago (Remember his black and pink hair in last year’s Gayo Daejeon?), so imagine our surprise when the style icon stepped onto the red carpet with a very pretty Lee Hi on his arm with freshly dyed black and white hair! GD complemented his hair colour with a monotone all black ensemble, accessorised with lots of silver and gold, signature sunglasses and a whole load of swag. Yes sir, you’re definitely one of a kind.

Honourable mentions:

Dongwoo of INFINITE
Ilhoon of BTOB
QRi of T-ARA
Jiyoon of 4Minute
Siwon of Super Junior

Think we left out anyone? Feel free to let us know who YOU think had the best hairstyle of the 27th Golden Disk Awards by leaving us a comment below!

KAvenyou sincerely thanks Sunsilk Singapore for the opportunity cover the 27th GDA. Check out our Facebook and follow us on Twitter for official organiser pictures and exclusive photos taken by the KAvenyou crew!

Article by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou

This article is sponsored by Sunsilk.


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