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Free Star and Twi-light have a fun day out with Singapore fans


11 July 2012, Singapore – Korean Idol groups Twi-light and Free Star were spotted having fun with fans and tourists at various popular spots of Singapore following their dazzling performances at the KPOPGAGA 1st Singapore ShowKase, which aims to propel talented lesser known groups into the limelight. As part of the ShowKase initiative, KPOPGAGA will be holding regular showcases titled “ShowKase” in Singapore and gradually into other countries in the region.

The members of Twi-light and Free Star were brought around various popular tourist spots in Singapore for a small photo shoot, which KAvenyou was invited to tag along explaining the beautiful photos we are sharing in this article. The photo shoot was kickstarted around the vicinity of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, and lucky fans who attended the ShowKase on the previous night were given a photo opportunity with their idols.

Twi-Light-Singapore-Photo-Shoot- 006

Free-Star-Singapore-Photo-Shoot- 003

Throughout the photo shoot, many fans swarmed the idols as and when there was a short break, and most of the fans who were there would have left much happier with all the autographs and polaroids. The scene was so interesting that even tourists joined in the fun asking for a photo together. Talk about the popularity of the Halllyu right?

Free-Star-Singapore-Photo-Shoot- 013



The photo shoot then proceeded to it’s next location at the Asian Civilisation Museum, where the bulk of the shoot took place. First up was a group shot between members of both Twi-light and Free Star, and the idols got all excited when they were promised ice-cream after the shoot. The ice cream was also a “bribe” to ensure the ajusshi who sold them cooperated with the shoot. You readers would have gotten a first hand glimpse of the power of celebrity endorsements, as the ice cream motorcycle was swarmed with people following the shoot.




If you are not the lover of ice cream, maybe you will like the green pastures in the next round of group shots. The boys and a girl were clowning around and acting to the requirements of the photographer, while everyone were perspiring under the hot afternoon sun. Check out our guest star at the photo shoot. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


The groups moved to the shoot’s final destination at one of Singapore’s most iconic location, the Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Rather then the building being a huge ship, the surrounding structures became fruits as how we can easily describe it to the idols. The media representatives was introducing the structures with MBS Hotel being a huge banana, the Esplanade being a durian and the clouds above looking like cotton candies.


Twi-Light-Singapore-Photo-Shoot- 027

The photo shoot ended at MBS, with the groups heading for dinner after the long day. For more ShowKase action, keep your eyes glued to KAvenyou as we will be following this all the way for the fans. We will like to take the opportunity to thank KPOPGAGA for having us at the ShowKase, and various other activities with Free Star and Twi-light. Fans who were following the groups throughout would have felt the warmth from the idols, and realise that idols are humans and have a fun-loving side to them.

Additional candid photos are available on our Facebook Page albums as usual, so do head there to take a look.

Do note that the entire photo shoot was directed by a professional photographer at PixeLEEted, and what we have published were mainly candid moments during the shoot. Do head to the photographer’s page for the final products from this shoot.

Article & Photography by: James @ KAvenyou

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