[Foodie Friday] Snack Packs: Literally A Bag of Food



22 May 2015, Singapore – This week on Foodie Friday, we bring you fashion and food all in one go. Think of incorporating food into your fashion – and its more than just using logos and high quality pictures of your favorite foods – its packing a calorie punch right into your wardrobe.

Functional yet trendy, Korean schoolgirls have apparently been gifting each other backpacks made out of snacks like chips, biscuits and even their yoghurt milk drinks. Students have been seen carrying these ‘snack packs’ to school and, if built sturdily enough, can even hold personal belongings. Teens have been making them for themselves, their friends, and even as graduation presents.


There are so many advantages to making your own DIY snackpack that this should become a trend on the streets everywhere!

Ensure that you will never go hungry because your bag is literally made out of snacks. Its like a portable emergency ration of your favourite junk food and you always have a huge spread of snacks to choose from.


You probably would become the most popular kid in class what with the amount of snacks you have to go one round around the classroom, or the office if you happen to be a working person.


Be totally unique. This beats all the other DIY backpacks out there. Instead of having a bag made out of a used banner or upcycled shirts, you can customise one out of your favourite snacks. Don’t worry about becoming bored and tired of the same bag because once your snacks are finished, just create a new one! The same goes when you’re tired of the same snacks – just fashion a new one out of your current faves and ta-dah!

These packs are certainly quite out of the norm, but their creativity gives off an air of deliciousness fun and happiness that everyone can share. Get out your tape and snacks and get cracking – bring back these snackpacks guys!

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Article by: Michelle @ KAvenyou

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