[Foodie Friday] Sakura-flavoured food to welcome the cherry blossom season

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Spring is finally coming, and countries like Korea and Japan have released sakura-flavoured seasonal specials to welcome the arrival of spring blossoms. Although I’m living in a country that is practically summer all-year round, one can still always dream and hopefully, these flavours will be available in our countries one day.

cherry blossom starbucks
Starbucks Korea: Cherry Blossom Latte & Cherry Blossom White Chocolate

Starbucks Korea is back with its cherry blossom series, ranging from beverages and cakes to their merchandise and Starbucks card. You’ve probably would have seen Koreans posting photos of the Cherry Blossom Latte (체리블라썸 라떼) or Cherry Blossom White Chocolate (체리블라썸 화이트 초콜릿) accompanied with cherry blossom themed cup sleeves on Instagram by now – I would be posting every angle of this drink if I do even manage to try it (sigh).

sakura bingsu
Danggojip (Korea): Sakura Bingsu (Image credits)

This is the prettiest bingsu I have ever seen!!!!!! Danggojip (당고집), a cafe located in Hongdae/Hapjeong area that specialises in Japanese dango dessert, also sells this super-picturistic Sakura Bingsu for 8000 won.

sakura kitkat
Japan: Sakura Matcha Kit Kat (Image credits)

I’m not entirely sure if this is a seasonal product because I managed to buy it when I was in Japan during summer, but I’m sure there is no harm stocking up on packets of yummy Sakura Matcha Kit Kat!

sakura beer
Japan: Sankt Gallen Sakura beer

Sankt Gallen has came up with Sakura beer – made with cherry blossom petals! Although it’s only 5% in alcoholic content, you can try and pretend to get high and drunk while drinking this on a spring blossom viewing date.

asahi sakura
Japan: Asahi Spring Limited Edition Special Package

Alternatively, if oddly-flavoured alcohol isn’t your thing, you can opt for the traditional beer, with a twist. Asahi has released a limited edition sakura packaging for its Super Dry range. The packaging is so pretty I’ll probably buy a pack of these to display at home!

So if you happen to be travelling to Korea or Japan soon, do try out these pretty pink seasonal food!

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