[Foodie Friday] Korea's obsession with everything honey butter

The root of all evil – Haitai’s Honey Butter Chip


Months after the introduction of Honey Butter Chip in Korea, the craze is still going on strong and the fire does not seem to be dying down anytime soon yet. McDonald’s Korea has launched honey butter shaker fries for a limited time period – for 10 days until this weekend, 8th March.

honey butter macs
Can someone help me collect the powder packet?


Besides eating it with fries, innovative Koreans have also tried the honey butter powder together with their McWings, mixed it into their corn cup as seen on McDonald’s Korea Facebook page. I’ve also came across photos of people mixing the powder with their McFlurries!

And ever since the release of a seemingly mediocre pack of potato chips, which however took Korea by storm, there are all sorts of honey butter flavoured products out in the market now. And by all sorts, I really do mean all sorts. (warning: be prepared for a honey butter picture spam)




Honey Tong Tong (허니통통)
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sumi honey mustard
Sumi Chip Honey Mustard (수미칩 허니머스타드)
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kettle chips
Homeplus Kettle Chips Honey & Butter (홈플러스 케틀칩 허니 앤 버터맛)
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jagabee honey mild
Jagabee Honey Mild (자가비 허니마일드)
honey butter corn
Kkokkalcorn Honey Butter (꼬칼콘) & Honey Potato Chips (꿀 먹은 감자칩)


The most popular successors after the original Honey Butter Chip would be Honey Tong Tong and Sumi Chip in honey mustard flavour. They’re slightly easier to get than Honey Butter Chip, although demand is still high for them. In fact, I’ve read comments online that some people prefer Honey Tong Tong to Honey Butter Chip!

I guess Homeplus was fed up about customers constantly asking about the availablity of Honey Butter Chip and people snatching them up almost immediately every time stocks arrive, that was why they have also released their own Honey & Butter Kettle Chips.




honey butter almond
Honey Butter Almond (허니버터아몬드)
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honey butter macadamia
Honey Butter Macadamia (허니버터마카다미아)
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honey butter dried filefish
Honey Butter Dried Filefish (허니버터쥐치포)
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honey butter squid
Honey Butter Squid (허니버터 오징어)
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honey butter rusk
Honey Butter Rusk (허니버터 러스크)
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honey butter potato stick
Honey Butter Potato Stick (허니버터 감자스틱)

Riding on the increased sales of macadamia nuts in Korea since the infamous Korean Air nut rage incident, there is also honey butter flavoured macadamia nuts now. Korea’s 7-11 has also jumped on the bandwagon and introduced their own Honey Butter Potato Stick. These snacks are a hot favourite with Koreans as a late night snack along with their beers.



Drinks & Desserts

honey butter latte
Latte King’s Honey Butter Latte (라떼킹 허니버터라떼)
honey cream cheese latte
Honey Cream Cheese Latte (부드라운 허니크림치브라떼)
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petitzel honey blanche
Petitzel Honey & Creme Blanche (쁘띠첼 허니블러썸)

Latte King is at it again. After coming up with interesting flavours such as wasabi latte, salt latte and Bailey’s latte, the franchise chain has unveiled its honey butter latte in mid-January.

Besides the Honey Butter Potato Stick, 7-11 has also released its own Honey Cream Cheese Latte. How I wish the 7-11 stores in my country carry such interesting products too! My all-time favourite Petitzel pudding has also released a new Honey & Creme Blanche flavour so as not to lose out in this craze.



Fried Chicken

didi honey butter chicken
Didi Honey Butter Chicken (디디치킨 허니버터치킨)

I have never heard of this Korean fried chicken brand before, but it is gaining popularity in Korea lately because of its latest addition to the menu – Honey Butter Chicken. This will be the first on my to-eat list when I visit Korea next time!



Besides food, the honey butter craze has also spread to other areas…


Skincare & Beauty

honey butter pack
Missha Honey Butter Pack (미샤 허니버터팩)
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kskin honey butter sleeping pack
Kskin Honey Butter Sleeping Pack (케이스킨 굿나잇 허니버터 슬리핑팩)

If you can’t get enough of the taste of honey butter, why not apply it on your face as well? Missha has released its Honey Butter Pack, with honey, butter and potato as the components. It sounds scary to have the same ingredients of a packet of potato chips applied on your face, but apparently they do wonders to your complexion: potato extracts give brightening effect, Korean acacia honey hydrates, French gourmet butter nourishes. Another Korean beauty brand Kskin has also came out with its own Honey Butter Sleeping Pack.



honey butter chip case

If you want to proclaim your love for Honey Butter Chip to the whole world, you can also use this Honey Butter Chip phone casing. It’s quite cute actually, and they’re sure to be a conversation starter! “Have you tried Honey Butter Chip yet?” “Where did you get your Honey Butter Chip from?”

The honey butter game is indeed strong, man.

If you are tempted after reading this article and is heading to Korea soon, I believe I have helped you to compile your shopping list for your upcoming Korea trip, and yes, you’re welcome. Do remember to think of me when you hunt these items down (and please help me get a packet of Honey Butter Chip – I will love you long time for it!)


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