[Foodie Friday] The ultimate Korean celebrity diet plan

suzy park shin hye diet

REVEALED: The quick and extreme diet plans of Korean celebrities

suzy park shin hye diet

Weight loss or diet amongst Korean celebrities (idol and actresses alike) has been a major talking point. The lost was so drastic that many were mistaken to have gone through the knife (cosmetic surgery). The stigma in the industry creates added pressure on celebrities to go through these extreme diet, usually before a comeback or photoshoot.

I personally do not support such extreme plans, but adopting some of the ideas to develop a healthier and more balanced diet for healthy living would e something beneficial. Check out some of the diet plans that top female celebrities use below:



Seolhyun has an incredibly fit and slim body that many girls would die for, but she claims it’s the result of an intense diet and immense self-control. Her kind of snack would probably be tomatoes rather than our familiar chips.



Suzy revealed she started an intense diet for the role in drama Uncontrollably Fond. She followed a diet plan called the “Time Limit” diet, making sure she didn’t eat anything after 6 PM.

Park Shin Hye

park shin hye diet plan

Park Shin Hye’s meal plan was the most extreme, where she only ate approximately 300 calories a day. Nutritionists deemed this meal plan the worst of its kind and did not recommend anyone to follow it.


IU diet plan

IU explained that such plans was used as an extreme measure, usually in preparation for a comeback performance. She revealed that she lost 4kg in a 4 day period, accompanied by adequate amount of exercise. IU emphasised that it was a good thing only for a short period of time, and normal consumption should resume thereafter.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/42Yax7w7sbI” width=”560″]

A pretty good summary by IU in terms of pursuing such diet plans with caution, as it definitely prices your body of the adequate amount of nutrients it requires. Diet plays a huge role, but please also include a healthy amount of exercise in your pursuit of the perfect body.

Article by: James @ KAvenyou


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