[Foodie Friday] JINJJA Chicken Celebrates Pepero Day With Pepero Bingsu!


Singapore halal-certified Korean Restaurant JINJJA Chicken is launching Pepero Bingsu on 11/11, also known as Pepero Day in Korea! Pepero Bingsu, priced at $7.90, is a milky shaved ice topped with pillowy marshmellows, White Cookie Chocolate Peperos and a whole Lotte ChocoPie!

To celebrate Pepero Day, the first 100 customers who purchase the Pepero Bingsu will also get one free box of Pepero!

Although Pepero is known to be given to loved ones or crushes on this day, do you know that there is a popular Korean myth, that if a person eats Pepero on 11 November, at 11:11am, they will become taller and thinner? So don’t forget your Pepero on this special day!

JINJJA Chicken
249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village)
Singapore 188034


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