[Foodie Friday] Coca Cola Korea Contour Bottle 100-Year Anniversary Edition


coca cola 100 years

Coca Cola is celebrating 100 years of its iconic contour glass bottle packaging this year, and Coca Cola Korea has come up with a super cool 100-Year Anniversary Edition set for diehard Coca Cola fans. You’ve probably also seen them on some celebrities’ Instagram accounts as Coca Cola Korea gifted them this special edition set, with one of the bottles being uniquely designed for the celebrities.

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coca cola 100 years bottles
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The 100-Year Anniversary Edition comes in a set of 9, featuring iconic designs of every decade from the 1920’s to the 2000’s. The 10th bottle (rightmost) in the photo above is a unique bottle with the owner’s name (which you can only get from events or if you’re a celebrity I guess…).

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