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[EXCLUSIVE] Up-close with Jay Park & KARA at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012



13 July 2012, Kuala Lumpur – KARA and Jay Park have both arrived in Malaysia to prepare for their appearance at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Although there is still a day before the actual event, both Jay Park and KARA were involved in various interviews with the media and some lucky fans who will get to meet them in private. As usual, KAvenyou was lucky enough to get the chance to met them to try and give you interesting insights of the idols, apart from the usual Q&A that you read every other day.


As first-time visitors to Malaysia, all 5 of KARA‘s members have managed to come meet the fans including Seungyeon who has just been discharged from the hospital. We were glad to see her recover from the way she was goofing around with Hara during the interview.

During the interview, Nicole revealed that KARA is already in the midst of preparing for their next album, which will be released in the fall. She even spilled that the album will feature a more mature concept as KARA has been gradually growing through their music over the years.

There are also plans in releasing their individual singles, which will include lyrics written by the members themselves to fully portray each member’s charms. When asked on who they would want to write a song for, Nicole would want to write one for her mother, while Hara hoping to dedicate a song to their beloved Kamilias.



On the other hand, KARA has achieved astonishing results in Japan by being the first Korean girl group to ever receive a gold status for all of their Japanese singles. In addressing these accolades, Seungyeon shared that they were very proud for these achievements and will continue working hard in the future. The girls also recently launched their own fragrance line, K5J. For this, they have went all the way to France for the production.




In sharing more about the members, Jiyoung revealed that Nicole is the mood-maker of the team and Goddess Gyuri expressed that she is blessed just to be a part of KARA, and cherishes all of them as they all help balance and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, if they were not a member of KARA, Jiyoung and Hara would both still be students, whereas Nicole will likely be focusing on cooking, Seungyeon will be learning foreign languages, and Gyuri who started as a child actress would be pursuing an acting career.


We met-up with the multi-talented yet down-to-earth, Jay Park. He will be pretty familiar with Malaysia since this has been his third official visit to our shores, and yet he is still very excited to perform and meet the fans. Jay revealed that his inspiration for music comes from his idols, Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown. He would love to engage in a dance battle with Chris Brown, as they both possessed similar dance styles. In addition, Jay confesses that he can be a sweet, lovey-dovey boyfriend and also a naughty bad boy, proving that his characters in “Star” and “Do What We Do” are both part of his personalities.


Jay expressed his admiration in Dok2’s rapping abilities and stated that they have become great friends after their collaboration. Other than that, Jay congratulated his dance crew, AOM, who had emerged winners in a major dance competition. When questioned about his appearance in Kevjumba’s video, Jay said that he had a lot of fun participating in it.

Jay had showcased his many talents in acting and fashion designing previously, but just hopes to currently focus on his music and dance until he establishes international fame before considering to venture into different areas like fashion.



In a cheeky question for Malaysian Jaywalkerz, we questioned Jay on whether he is aware of his doppleganger Lee Chong Wei. To our surprise, Jay is aware of his doppleganger in Malaysia, badminton player Lee Chong Wei and he would like to have a picture taken with him. He admits to being bad at sports that requires a racquet, but shared that he enjoyed playing basketball with fans during his last visit, and would love to do something similar again to get closer to his fans. Speaking of fans, Jay also thinks that our idea of casting a fan for his music video is very interesting and unique, and would love to try that out in the future.

We would like to thank the MTV World Stage team for giving us this opportunity and for rendering assistance throughout the day. Do look forward to our coverage at the actual event. You can follow us on Twitter (@KAVENYOU) for LIVE updates of various events, and our Facebook page for photos of events.

MTV Asia will also be giving updates, and details for the broadcast of MTV World Stage LIVE in Malaysia as below:

TELECAST (Malaysia Timing) on MTV SEA Astro Channel 713
TV Premiere: Saturday, 28 July @ 2:30PM

  • 1st Repeat: Monday, 30 July @ 1AM
  • 2nd Repeat: Monday, 30 July @ 11PM
  • 3rd Repeat: Sunday, 5 August @ 1AM
  • 4th Repeat: Sunday, 5 August @ 3PM
  • 5th Repeat: Thursday, 9 August @ 2AM
  • 6th Repeat: Monday, 20 August @ 2PM
  • 7th Repeat: Saturday, 1 September @ 2.30AM

Article by: Zoey @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Wen Yi @ KAvenyou


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