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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NU’EST talks about love, looks and Anipang

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NU’EST talks about love, looks and Anipang

KAvenyou sat down with the boys of NU’EST last Sunday afternoon for a short exclusive interview, where the members discussed girls, looks, and most importantly… Anipang.

Q: NU’EST made their debut with the song “Face”. In your opinion, who is the ‘Face’ of the group?

JR: I think NU’EST’s ‘face’ encompasses of all five members’ faces. I can’t leave anyone out.

(At this point Aron takes the microphone from JR and looks at the reporter confidently)

Aron: No. It’s me. (Everyone laughs)

Baekho: All of us have to be together in order for NU’EST to exist.

Q: Who is the most popular among female fans?

(All 5 boys go “1, 2, 3” and point to Ren, while Ren looks slightly overwhelmed)

Ren: (Blinks) Um… Thanks. (Everyone laughs) I will work hard.

(Baekho steps in to explain seeing how Ren appears to be confused at why all the members chose him)

Baekho: When we are on stage doing our introductions, JR’s cheers will be like “ahhh”, Aron “ahhh”, Minhyun “ahhh”, Baekho “ahhh”, but Ren “WAHHHHH”!

Q: By any chance does anyone play Anipang?

(All the boys brighten up visibly and go “Yes yes yes!!”)

Q: The member with the highest Anipang score is…

(The members go “1,2,3” and chorus “Minhyun!” in unison, while Minhyun points at himself eagerly)

Minhyun ready to take the microphone to talk about his Anipang score

Baekho: Minhyunnie’s score is around 300,000? Yeah, it’s that high.

Minhyun: I play Anipang with the Pledis staff as well and… (suddenly looks at the reporter and asks earnestly) is my score good? (After receiving affirmation that his score is indeed high, he smiles proudly) Thanks!

Q: In ‘Sandy’ and ‘Not Over You’ the members sing about love and confession. How will you confess to the girl that you like in real life?

Baekho: I have a solo song called “Happy Birthday”, and I would like to try singing that song while playing the piano (to the girl I like).

Ren: (Pauses for a long time) I… erm… would like to go the beach to confess to her directly.

Aron: (In English) For me, I would take the girl I like to a place with nice scenery, like the Blue Mountains? (Turns to JR to confirm if the name is correct) Like the Blue Mountains or in America like erm, the Grand Canyon I guess? Somewhere with nice scenery. Make it romantic.

JR: I will compose a song, write the lyrics and sing it to the girl as a proposal.

Minhyun: I will sing ‘Sandy’ to the girl I like.

While KAvenyou spent only a short time with the boys, it was interesting to see how they interacted with each other off cameras. From pretending to jump into the rooftop pool and fooling around with each other despite the hot weather (the interview was held outdoors at the rooftop of Oasia hotel), it is clear that these boys share a genuine bond with each other. Thank you to Kpopgaga and the boys of NU’EST for exclusive interview opportunity! Check out our follow-up posts on the NU’EST press conference and showcase for a complete view of ShowKase 2 featuring NU’EST.

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Written by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Joycelyn @ KAvenyou


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