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[EXCLUSIVE] “Do You Still Remember” Shane Cao? 还记得曹轩宾吗?

[EXCLUSIVE] “Do You Still Remember” Shane Cao? 还记得曹轩宾吗?


KAvenyou had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with composer turned singer, Shane Cao (曹轩宾). Shane came to Singapore to promote his debut album “RIGEL” 《参宿七》, pronounced as “shen xiu qi”.

“Rigel” (Beta Orionis) is known as the brightest star in the Orion constellation and the seventh brightest star in the night sky that is 700 to 900 light years apart from Earth. Since the  main concept is “Light”, Shane explains that the difference between the words “SHINE” and “SHANE” are the vowels ‘a’ and ‘i’. Putting the two vowels together as ‘ai’ also translate to love, which Shane hopes to express his love for music through the album.


One of the tear-jerking hit tracks from the album, “Do You Still Remember 还记得吗 “, garnered much interest from the netizen with its 2 versions of music video of which are self-directed by Shane himself. Click to view the official version and movie version of the music video. The song was inspired by a true story of one of his fan who have passed on. The song tells the couple’s heart-wrenching love story even after the husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Shane revealed that the wife actually amended the check-up report 15 times and kept the husband in dark. It was until the wife was packing the husband’s belongings and found a smiley face on each of the check-up reports, then finally realised that the husband knew it all along. Shane expressed his gratitude to be able to write the love story into a song and direct the music video.

Another hit track “You’re Not In Beijing  你不在北京” tells the story of Shane’s  journey to pursue his dreams.  Shane describes the song with “overflowing emotions and stories”, that many people left Beijing after 13 years but he is still in Beijing pursuing his dreams. With the belief that the Earth is round, Shane believes that every obstacle can be overcome. Although everyone will meet obstacles at work and in life, Shane expressed that learning from experiences and mistakes will make one stronger.


Music has always been an important aspect in life and also a tool to express himself and communicate. Shane’s inspirations comes from his personal and friends’ stories and experiences, that he is always thankful to be able to express with the help of music. Venturing into 2014, Shane hopes to stay healthy so that he can continue writing songs.

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Special thanks to Ocean Butterflies for the interview opportunity!
* Article by XUAN LIN @ KAvenyou
* Photography by XUAN LIN & XIAOSI @ KAvenyou

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