[COVERAGE] “Watch Out” for SF9!

Fantasy definitely ended the month of June with a good note as SF9 is finally in Singapore for their first ever Fan Meeting “Be My Fantasy” that was held at Marina Bay Sands. The 9 boys dressed in sporty jersey outfits, greeted the fans and introduced themselves. They sang many hit songs such as “Roar, Watch Out, Together, Jungle Game, Fanfare

What’s a Fan Meeting without games? The fans also get to play games with the boys, such as “Getting To Know SF9!” and “Fantasy Board“. The fans also learnt a lot from the boys such as their favourite fruit, genre and many more! Fantasy also put in a lot of hard work in supporting SF9 as they did torchlight project while they sang “Still My Lady“, held banners and also a Thank You video to show them how much they love SF9!!

SF9 expressed that they are really thankful for the fans, “It’s our first time in Singapore and this is really a touching video! Don’t worry, we will always be with you guys!!

The boys did a lot of fan services, waving and saying hi to them during the Fan Meeting. Fantasy definitely had a great night with them, and can’t wait for the boys to be back in Singapore again!

KAvenyou would like to thank IME SG for the invitation to SF9 Be My Fantasy Fan Meeting in Singapore!

Article & Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou.com


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