[COVERAGE] A fairytale-like night with Della at “The First Day to Say I Love You” in Singapore.

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Singapore – The Queen of OST Della Ding (丁噹) successfully concluded another stop of “The First Day to Say I Love You” concert tour in Singapore on 27th February 2016. The three-hour concert consists of three themed segments – Practise to break-up (练习说分手), Practise to be alone (练习一个人) and Practise to say I Love You (练习说出我爱你).

The opened started with 《手掌心》 by Della in a breathtaking white gown with delicate crystal details standing on a gigantic rose sculpture – it was a magnificent sight indeed!  Following 《不愿一个人》 and a remarkable remix of 《Crazy In Love》 with a slow yet strong beat to keep your hearts wildly thumping. Della then set the mood with 《野兽》,《漂洋过海来看你》 and 《猜不透》. One of the most memorable highlight was the love cam segment with the song 《好难得》. All the featured couples took part in the special segment enthusiastically.


Moving onto the first themed segment – Practise to break-up 《练习说分手》 with a tearjerking VCR shown with a couple of people sharing the stories of their last breakup. Della reappeared on stage striking turquoise gradient bob hairstyle and a sexy black outfit which was similar to her iconic Black Swan outfit. With overflowing emotions, Della performed 《你为什么说谎》,《洋葱》,《甩开》,《千年之恋》,《身不由己》,《我没那么爱他》 and several songs by Zhang Zhen-yue (张震岳).

In between the songs, Della had a few minutes to speak to the audiences.” In relationships, there are always some that are fortunate and some that aren’t. Like myself for example. From getting hurt to separation, to healing and moving on. These experiences have made me realise that there are people around me who love me dearly”, Della said. In hopes to convey the message to the people who have once been hurt in relationships, “For the sake of yourself and the people who love you, be brave and move on.”

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Following the next segment – Practise to be alone 《练习一个人》
As per promised, Della brought the concert to Singapore full-fledge from the original Taiwan concert. Della sat on the metallic sphere up in the mid-air with a dusty pink fairy-like dress with floral details. As the metallic sphere made its way to the front of the extended stage, Della sang 《一半》,《SAY FOREVER》,《身不由己》,《我没那么爱你》,《我还是一样》 and 《敢爱敢当》. Another stage effect that wow-ed the audiences was the stringed lights synchronizing to the songs, it was like a fairytale come true with the ‘digital fairy dust’.


The last segment was accompanied by the theme “Practise to say I Love You 《练习说出我爱你》 in an eye-catching red glitter dress. Songs performed includes 《幸福的可能》,《心动》,《我爱她》. Following the OSTs from the popular historical drama “Sound of the Desert  (風中奇緣)”  featuring Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi and Eddie Peng -《有一种勇气叫做放弃》 and 《白頭吟》.

Della concluded the show with 《原来你都在》 and 《很爱过》 for her encore stage. It was no doubt a memorable night surrounded by 3 hours worth of spectacular sound, visual and laser effects. Moving into Della’s 9th year anniversary, she measures her accomplishment by having her fans growing and transiting in different phases of life with her and her songs. This will be more meaningful than any awards or titles given to her. Meanwhile, stay tuned to her next album launching later this month!


Special thanks to Rock Records Singapore for the invitation.

Photography by Rock Records Singapore, Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.

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