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CNBLUE warmed up Filipino Boices through an Open Press Conference

CNBLUE warmed up Filipino Boices through an Open Press Conference


14th of JUNE 2013, was definitely one of the unforgettable dates for Filipino Boices as CNBLUE took their first steps in the Philippines.

Hallyu Rock Band, CNBLUE, arrived at 11am Manila time in Ninoy Aquino International Airport, where they received warm and joyous welcome from their fans.

And as a pre-concert event and appreciation for all the love and great support given by their Filipino fans, CNBLUE greeted them through an open press conference.

The whole event center of SM Megamall was quickly filled by excited and active crowd where some of them have been there as early as 5 am just to have the best view of the band.

While waiting for CNBLUE’s arrival, entertaining games are played by some fans who were picked right from the audience. They were challenged with games that tested their creativity, talents and definitely their skills as a Boice. Though shy at first, the players tried their very best to win and determined to take out the prize. The host of the event even teased them what will they do if they win a backstage pass of CNBLUE, causing the players to put their competitive spirits on mode and a jealous stir and screams from the crowd. However in the end, the lucky winners were given away free concert tickets.

When the games ended, the tension and friction between the fans goes higher as it signals the band’s nearly arrival. The hosts of the event tried hardly in advising the crowd to keep calm so that nothing bad may occur and the event will be pushed through. But with all the hyped, anticipation and excitement coming from the fans, staying calm and be relaxed may not be so possible to happen.


At around 4 pm, CNBLUE finally arrived in the venue causing the whole mall to be shaken by loud and deafening scream from the fans. The band made the crowd gone wilder when they reached the stage and greeted the crowd with “Magandang Hapon po,” (Good afternoon) “Salamat” (Thank you) and “Kamusta ka” (How are you). The impressed crowd continued to cheer on when CNBLUE introduced themselves in Tagalog (Filipino dialect).

During the interview portion, CNBLUE said that they are very happy to see all the people in the event and expected all of them in the concert. They are also overwhelmed by the huge amount of love coming from their Filipino fans since their debut days and Lee Jong Hyun said that when they were given a chance they want to go back more often and perform.

Jung Yong Hwa was asked if there is any CNBLUE song that he wants to dedicate for the Filipino Boices, and he quickly respond as he sang a mini chorus of I’m sorry making the fans to dropped their hearts from happiness.


And as their first time to visit Philippines, CNBLUE was asked if they already tried Filipino foods, Kang Min Hyuk answered that they did not tried any Filipino foods yet and asked the crowd for any suggestions for which the crowd replied some famous Filipino foods such as balut, seafoods and adobo. The band was also asked that aside from Manila, what particular place in the Philippines that they want to visit,  Lee Jung Shin replied that when they have a free time they will go to Cebu and try fishing.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa, who will have his birthday on June 22, was surprised by an advance celebration made by the fans. While the crowd was singing him Happy Birthday, a Simpson themed cake was brought to stage causing him to flutter and said that this is one of the birthdays he will never forget.

At the end of the press conference, CNBLUE called for a group photo with Jung Yong Hwa’s birthday cake and to all smiled and in high spirits Boices.



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Article by: Maria @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Ellaine @ KAvenyou

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