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Celebrate 2013 Press Conference with SKarf and M.I.B

Celebrate 2013 Press Conference with SKarf and M.I.B

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The signs are clear: 2013 is set to be yet another mind-blowing year of nonstop K-pop goodness. Singapore ushered in the first moments of the New Year with not just one, but two South Korean acts, SKarf and M.I.B, at the countdown event Celebrate 2013, where both groups impressed local fans with polished routines. Both groups were also present at the press conference held last 30th December, a day before the actual countdown event.

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All eyes were on SKarf, who recently made headlines after ex-lead vocalist Sol left the girl group. Now a five-member group with newest additions JooA and Hana, SKarf appeared confident and excited about their plans for the upcoming year.

Ferlyn, one of the two Singaporean members, offered her honest thoughts on the recent group shuffle. “I think we’re now stronger vocally now that we are a five-member team.”

Other than their talents, the original members also praised the JooA and Hana on their contributions to the overall teamwork of the group. Tasha, leader and the other half of the Singaporean duo, revealed that “As the oldest (member), JooA listens to our opinions and acts as a mediator.”

M.I.B also displayed impressive teamwork and camaraderie during their press conference, joking around effortlessly between themselves. Member Kangnam made quite the memorable first impression, introducing himself as “I am not Gangnam Style”, much to the amusement of his band members and the journalists present at the press conference.

Being no strangers to Singapore, the boys also expressed their attachment to the sunny island. Kangnam declared that should he receive a million dollars, he would want to “buy a house in Singapore.”


They also discussed their musical influences, with 5zic naming Dynamic Duo, South Korean hip hop and rap duo, as one of their close friends and colleagues in the industry. Hip Hop blood evidently runs deep in their veins, with Cream musing that “Even if I were not in M.I.B, I would still be doing Hip Hop.”

With SKarf making their comeback in February and M.I.B’s slated promotional activities, 2013 will prove to be an important year for both groups.

Celebrate 2013 was proudly organized by Mediacorp. Check out KAvenyou’s Facebook and Twitter for more HD photos taken during the press conference and the actual event!


Article by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

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