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KAvenyou: Your Avenue to Non-stop Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion | April 18, 2015

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[Wanderlust Wednesday] Your preferred “tour guide” to exploring Singapore, and more

April 8, 2015 |

8 April 2015, Singapore – Everyone loves a good deal when presented with one, and what more a good deal that also comes with one-stop services for almost all your needs while traveling. Best of all, we are … Read More

[Wanderlust Special] Best spring cherry blossom festivals in Korea in 2015

March 28, 2015 |

28 March 2015, Seoul – The blooming flowers signal the arrival of Spring! Finally it’s getting warmer in Korea which means it’s the season of cherry blossoms. There’s a famous song by Busker Busker called “Cherry Blossom Ending” … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Eat Up at Super Junior’s Donghae Grill5Taco!

March 25, 2015 |

It is the mid-week and we are back for more of Wanderlust Wednesday!

With the comeback album of Super Junior D&E (Donghae and Eunhyuk), ‘Growing Pains’ (man, I love the song! XD) we will be … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Top obvious places to “stalk” your Korean idols in Korea

March 18, 2015 |

18 February 2015, Seoul – We last revealed the best ways to experience Korean Pop without having to stalk your idols in Korea. Clearly we cannot leave out the obvious places to be camping/stalking your favourite Korean idols … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Top 5 must-visit outlet malls for the bargain hunters in Korea

March 11, 2015 |

11 March 2015 – It’s probably true that Korea is currently most famous for K-pop and drama, but there’s so much more to see and do when you actually visit the country. And something that many want to … Read More

[Wanderlust Special] Places in Korea Pink Pandas (APink fans) should not miss!

March 7, 2015 |

7 March 2015 – Wondering why wasn’t there Wanderlust Wednesday, but just a “repeat” telecast of last week’s feature? As the Official Supporting Online Media for the APink Pink Paradise in Singapore concert, and a Pink Panda myself (not … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Get Chicky at Se7en’s Yeolbong!

February 25, 2015 |

Wasssup people! Welcome back to Wanderlust Wednesday! This time, we are bringing you along to EAT! ^^ And what are we eating? Of course it will be everyone’s favourite (except if you are vegetarian ;x), chicken! 닭 … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] How to enjoy K-Pop in Korea without stalking your idols

February 18, 2015 |

18 February 2015, Seoul – Are you a big fan of K-Pop and want to make some special memories in Korea? If you are from outside of Korea, there aren’t many chances to meet K-pop stars although you … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] JYJ Park Yoochun TimeOut Gelato Bar in Korea [CEASED]

February 11, 2015 |

11 February 2015, Singapore - Wasssup and welcome back to our weekly ‘Wanderlust Wednesday’ column! ^^ Hope you guys had a good read on “How to travel ‘boring’ Singapore during Lunar New Year Festivities”!

This … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] How to travel “boring” Singapore during Lunar New Year festivities

February 4, 2015 |

4 February 2015, Singapore – Marching on our weekly Monday to Friday features comes the KAvenyou Wanderlust Wednesday. I have seen reports in local news that a huge chunk of Singaporeans are fleeing their country through the World’s … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 5

January 24, 2015 |

We’re back with the series of Idol family owned places. This time, we added some stores that sell actual goods and a big guesthouse which was recently opened in the end of 2014. Guess whose … Read More

How to immerse yourself in hit Korean drama “Pinnochio” as Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

January 14, 2015 |

The drama “Pinocchio” has been on the screens since November 2014, and is gaining massive popularity in both Korea and overseas. While much has been discussed about the plot and the cast, many are also … Read More