[OP-ED] BEAST no more? K-pop Groups & The Battle For Their Name

5-member male K-pop idol group, Highlight or formerly known as BEAST (B2ST), was embroiled in a legal battle for the rights to continue using their group name. Highlight is definitely not the first case involving legal issues regarding a group’s name and looking at the K-pop scene now, they’re unlikely to be the last. BEAST […]


[OP-ED] A Well Deserving Year for Entertainment in 2016

It’s that time of the year again, where major broadcasting companies hold award ceremonies to celebrate the successes of celebrities and their respective programmes. This year’s award season saw many expected and well-deserved prizes given out during the ceremonies. Let’s take a look at some of them: Kim Jong-min took home the prized Daesang at […]

[Paparazzi Corner] Oh where oh where is Chun Cui He 純萃喝 milk tea in Singapore?

Chun Cui He 純萃喝 Taiwan milk tea craze sweeps across Singapore 31 July 2016, Singapore – Always not a person with sweet tooth, so when I was told that this nice bottled milk tea or latte (Chun Cui He 純萃喝) from Taiwan was brought into Singapore. Not only was it swept off the refrigerator shelves in ALL 7-elevens […]

[Paparazzi Corner] Signs that you are already riding the Korean wave

25 July 2016, Singapore – As a professional in the corporate world myself, we are often judged for being closely involved and following the Korean entertainment scene. There is actually nothing too wrong in having a hobby and enjoying all the pretty people and well scripted varieties, and extremely synchronised choreographed performances. In fact, this […]

[Paparazzi Corner] Come join the hottest party in town by “FIRE” with JYP, Conan O’Brien, Steven Yeun and TWICE

11 April 2016, Singapore – Everybody loves to be part of the moment at the hottest party in town, and  Paparazzi Corner is here to bring you there. First and foremost, a party has to be HOT, so FIRE is a must. The evergreen JYP himself has started a fire at the party, and has […]