[INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Jae Yoon shares tips to keeping fit & his drama roles!

Actor Peter Lee Jae Yoon (of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Another Oh Hae Young fame) is currently in Singapore to run alongside with the race participants at PUMA Night Run 2017 Singapore! Prior to the race night, he sat down with the media and shared with us his tips to keeping fit, his workout […]


[INTERVIEW] Korean-Taiwanese heartthrob Bii explains the differences between his fans from different countries

Singapore – All it takes is two more weeks for you to see Bii again at “Bii with You LIVE in Singapore” on 17 June 2017. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, what are you waiting for? Tickets are selling fast so hurry and head over to www. sistic.com.sg now! Meanwhile, KAvenyou did an interview […]

Casts of “Entourage” reveals on Korean celebrity lifestyle in drama

Exclusive interview with casts of “Entourage” reveals their thoughts on Korean celebrity lifestyle and starring in the drama 1. Entourage being a remake of the U.S series, are there any stress in meeting the expectations of fans of the original? Seo Kang Jun: I knew that were many fans who liked the original series, so naturally […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Akdong Musician’s First Visit to Singapore!

For the first time since their debut, Akdong Musician has put a stop here in Singapore for their concert AKMU Studio. Prior to the concert, we had the opportunity to sit down with the pair, dubbed as Korea’s National Siblings, in a short light-hearted crossfire session. Here’s what we found out: Where in Singapore would you like […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Akdong Musician talks about their life-changing moment and more with KAvenyou!

Akdong Musician, also known as AKMU who particpated in K-POP Star 2 in 2012 and was eventually signed under YG Entertainment, along side with popular artistes such as Big Bang, BlackPink and more! The brother-sister group, named Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun. AKMU released a few hit songs such as “Give Love“, “200%” […]

[INTERVIEW] What goes on behind the scenes of popular Korean show NANTA (Cookin’)?

This coming June, two popular Korean art performances – NANTA (Cookin’) and The Painters: HERO will be here in Singapore, with shows running from 3 – 11 June 2016. Prior to their Singapore shows in a few weeks’ time, KAvenyou managed to catch up with the casts and the producers for both performances, to find […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Let Jasper Cho, aka Dr. Daniel Spencer mend your hearts!

For those who have tuned in to Descendants Of The Sun, Dr. Daniel Spencer, played by actor Jasper Cho Tae Kwan, would  have definitely caught your attention with his charming good looks and the role of a doctor who can fix everything from the Peacemaker Emergency Doctor Team. If you have read KAvenyou’s DOTS articles, […]