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KAvenyou: Your Avenue to Non-stop Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion | March 3, 2015

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[Foodie Friday] Wacky Korean Ramyeon Recipes

February 27, 2015 |

Ramyeon noodles form a big part of Koreans’ diet and in Korean supermarkets, shelves of different variety of ramyeon noodles will give you a hard time trying to choose from them. Besides having your ramyeon in a Korean … Read More

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Get Chicky at Se7en’s Yeolbong!

February 25, 2015 |

Wasssup people! Welcome back to Wanderlust Wednesday! This time, we are bringing you along to EAT! ^^ And what are we eating? Of course it will be everyone’s favourite (except if you are vegetarian ;x), chicken! 닭 … Read More

What do Koreans eat for Lunar New Year? (and their calorie count!)

February 22, 2015 |

Happy Lunar New Year! By now, most of us have already feasted on countless new year delicacies and sumptuous meals. Our Korean counterparts also love eating just like us – but what do they usually eat? (I’m quite sure … Read More

[Foodie Friday] Chir Chir brings Korean fried chicken with whipped cream to Singapore!

February 13, 2015 |

To be honest, I only heard about Chir Chir (치르치르) half a year ago when I was in Korea and my friend showed me an Instagram photo of a pile of fried chicken on a hotplate topped with … Read More

[Foodie Friday] 5 Bingsu Cafes to cool the heat in Singapore

February 6, 2015 |

After returning from Korea last summer, I suffered withdrawal symptoms from missing all the yummy and cheap Korean food. But with the booming Korean food scene in Singapore, my cravings have mostly been satisfied – except for bingsu, … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 5

January 24, 2015 |

We’re back with the series of Idol family owned places. This time, we added some stores that sell actual goods and a big guesthouse which was recently opened in the end of 2014. Guess whose … Read More

KLARRA x Strangers’ Reunion – The Perfect Union of Fashion and Food

January 23, 2015 |

It is uncommon for two vastly different industries to work together, yet renowned local online fashion store Klarra and café Strangers’ Reunion complements each other surprisingly well. KLARRA and Strangers’ Reunion bring you the perfect … Read More

Korean soft ice creamery Milkcow finally lands in Singapore!

January 22, 2015 |

Milkcow is a hand-made, soft ice creamery, originating in Seoul, South Korea, and is opening its doors in Singapore on 30th January 2015 at The Cathay. With 30 stores in South Korea and 2 Flagship … Read More

Famous Korean Dakgalbi Yoogane opens second outlet in Singapore!

December 27, 2014 |

After the success of Yoogane’s (유가네) opening in Singapore in May, as seen by the long snaking queue at the Bugis Junction outlet, the famous chicken galbi (dakgalbi) restaurant hailing from Busan in 1981 has finally opened its … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 4

December 1, 2014 |

It’s already our 4th series and the list continues!

  1. Meok & Sam

A Korean barbecue restaurant owned by K-pop star Infinite Woo Hyun’s parents located in the Suyu … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 3

November 24, 2014 | | One Comment

It’s now our third! You’ll notice that some of them are big franchise branches, but if you’re a true fan, it’s still worth the visit!

  1. Twosome Coffee

A … Read More

Salivate over Hwanghu chocolates at Paris’ “Salon du Chocolat”

November 11, 2014 |

“Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it : deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good” –  Mariska … Read More