[COVERAGE] Morning Call, Spring Onions and A Variety of Hugs at Lee Dong Wook’s Singapore Fan Meet

Can’t get up in the morning? Ask Lee Dong Wook to record a morning call for you ☺ That was what exactly what a fan requested from Lee Dong Wook at his recent “For My Dear” Asia Tour in Singapore on 15 April 2017 and Lee Dong Wook recorded a one and only morning alarm […]


[Movie] Part-time Spy starring Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-a & Jo Jae-yun!

Voice  phishing has established  itself  as  one  of  the  biggest  scams  in  recent  years,  with damages amounting to $100 million annually. These scam callers attempt to obtain personal and private information, typically by offering fake financial services and loans, only to have you transfer large sums of money to pseudo accounts. What happens when a […]