Sneak Peak At BT21xConverse Sneaker Collection

(Credits: BT21 Facebook Page)
(Credits: BT21 Facebook Page)

Just one day shy of its release, the ConversexBT21 collection has already garnered a significant amount of attention on social media. Just a couple of hours ago, BT21 has released teaser photos of its collection and in contrast to BTS’ occasionally dark hip hop songs, the sneakers are a burst of colour with occasional references to cartoon characters. Available in both its classic cut and high cut, fans will definitely be able to find a pair that suits their tastes.

Unfortunately, these beautiful sneakers will only be available to fans who reside in Korea, China (Shanghai, Chengdu), Taiwan and Hong Kong. ARMYs around the world, I guess you’ll just have to wait!

For more information about the sneakers, click here.

Visit the BT21 Facebook page here, for more photos.

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