[2017 Review] The breakout story of 2017 – BTS


BTS – Headliners and breakout stars of 2017, and their success story



We continue our 2017 review with undoubtedly the best of 2017 – BTS (방탄소년단). BTS as a group made the headlines at the global stage, and broke out of the Korean market. The group showcased their talents in various ways, and threaded the music industry like no other.

It has been a hectic year, especially for the boys of global sensation, BTS. Here was what they – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – were up to the past year.


The seven-membered group started off the year with awards from the 2017 Seoul Music Awards. They include the Bonsang award, Best Male Dance Performance, Best Music Video and Album of the Year.

They were also crowned with Album of the Year (for the 4th quarter) for WINGS and V Live Global Popularity Award.


The release of YOU NEVER WALK ALONE, an extension of the WINGS album, with music videos for “Spring Day” and “Not Today”. This saw the group charting on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 with “Spring Day”. BTS also kicked off with 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in Seoul on 18 February.


RM released a collaboration track, “Change”, with Wale.

YOU NEVER WALK ALONE also topped the sales of WINGS, having passed 700,000 copies in just pre-orders alone.

Later, they kicked off the US leg of the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour, starting off with sold-out shows at the Prudential Center.


It was announced on April 10 that BTS is a nominee for the Top Social Artist award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs).

True to their Top Social Artist nominee status, they hit 1,000,000 followers on Spotify later this month.


May 21 is a day that BTS and ARMYS alike will remember: bagging the award for Top Social Artist at the BBMAs. It was also an event that kickstarted collaborations and friendships with renowned artists.

Did you know that the group included their award speech in their Love Yourself: Her mini album as a skit track? ARMYs’ hearts are warmed by this gesture, noting that it includes their cheering for the group and it reminds them of how special that day is.

BTS bags Top Social Artist Award at BBMAs (credit: Billboard)


BTS celebrated their 4th year anniversary with ARMYs, having prepared two weeks’ worth of surprises for their beloved fans.

It was a period of excitement as the group released something every night, including new original and cover songs. ARMYs were spoilt rotten – and they loved every bit of it.


It was revealed that they were one of the selected artists who will be remaking a Seo Taiji & Boys’ song. They worked on the iconic “Come Back Home”, adding the unique BTS flavor that even Seo Taiji himself acknowledged.

BTS also officially announced a new branding, with their name now meaning Beyond The Scene. Their name in English still remained BTS, as with 방탄소년단 still meaning “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”.


Nominated for and won Choice International Artist for the Teen Choice Awards 2017.

They also dropped highlight reels for their LOVE YOURSELF series, once again throwing ARMYs into a frenzy of theories.


Not only did they remake Seo Taiji & Boys’ “Come Back Home”, they were also invited to perform at the Seo Taiji 25th anniversary concert as guest performers. They performed several songs that night, some with Seo Taiji himself.

After a hectic period, the group finally released their long awaited mini album, Love Yourself: Her, which is also referred to by RM, leader of the group, as their turning point and new chapter. The mini album also featured a collaboration track, “Best Of Me”, with The Chainsmokers.

The mini album topped the iTunes charts in 73 countries, the most for another Korean artist. BTS also recorded another milestone, receiving their first ever top 10 for a KPOP act on the Billboard 200, having debuted at No.7.


“DNA”, title track of Love Yourself: Her, peaked at no. 67 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

They also broke another record on the Gaon Chart for selling 1,200,000 copies of a single album (no repackages, etc).

After weeks of teasing, they announced a collaboration with Line Friends, BT21, which will see them releasing merchandise designed by the seven members of the group themselves. They also released a collagen pact line with VT Cosmetics.

But the most exciting collaboration would be with Unicef. BTS and Unicef came together to launch with Love Myself fundraising campaign, a combined effort to spread the message of self-love and to #endviolence. Part of proceeds from the Love Yourself: Her album sales will be donated to the campaign. They will also be releasing merchandise as part of the campaign, of which all proceeds will go to the campaign.

The group is also announced as the new models of the LOTTE DUTY FREE SHOP.

Additionally, they also received a nomination for the Commendation of President at Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, an annual awards hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Another day to remember is the 19th of November, when the group made their debut televised performance on the American Music Awards (AMAs). They also released #BTSxAMA merchandise.

During their stay in the US that week, they also performed several programs: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” outdoor concert segment, James Corden’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and Ellen DeGeneres’ “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Later that month, they released a collaboration track with Steve Aoki and Desiigner. It is a remix of “MIC Drop” from their Love Yourself: Her mini album, where the boys sing and rap in English. They also dropped music videos for both the remix and Japanese version of the track


Did you know? The MIC Drop music video recently hit 100 million views on Youtube, making it the latest addition to the group’s list of music videos with 100 million views. That is a total of 12 songs on the list, including Dope, Fire, and Save Me.

Their pre-orders for their Japanese single, “MIC Drop/ DNA/ Crystal Snow” also surpassed 300,000, topping the current sales of their last single, “Chi Ase Namida”. It was also the first for a non-Japanese artist to exceed 300,00 points on the Japan Oricon Weekly Single Chart.

Following their debut on the AMAs, the group hit 10 million followers on the Twitter account, furthering solidifying their status as Top Social Artist. They were also the first Korean Twitter account to reach 10 million followers (they are currently nearing 11 million followers).


The month kicked off with Visit Seoul releasing a new promotional track, With Seoul, with BTS. The song is available for download on the Visit Seoul website and ARMYS – no surprise there – crashed the website within minutes. The full song and music video is available on Visit Seoul’s official Youtube page.


BTS and ARMYs were also treated to the wonderful news of their highest-charting entry on the Billboard Hot 100, having debuted at No. 28. It was the first for any KPOP group.


Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2017
– Best Music Video with “Spring Day”
– Best Asian Style in Hong Kong
– Artist of the Year.

Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2017
– Best Song Of The Year with “Spring Day”,
– Best Music Video,
– Global Artist Award
– Top 10 Artists
– Hot Trend Award for “Wine” (Suga)

BTS @ MMA 2017 (credit: @BTS_twt)

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” was revealed to have stayed on the MelOn Top 100 charts for 55 weeks (and is currently still charting), making it the longest song from a boy group to have charted. It was a ten-years long record previously held by Big Bang’s “Lies”.

“Love Yourself: Her” achieved the highest sales in Hanteo’s chart history, selling 1,000,267 copies as a single version (no repackages, etc).

Another solo work release was by RM, who featured in a remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Champion”.

Other achievements include charting on the Japan Oricon Chart for two consecutive days with their 8th single, “MIC Drop/ DNA/ Crystal Snow” and being invited to perform on “Music Station Super Live”, alongside renowned Japanese artists. They also appeared on the Billboard Year-End Artists of the Year chart at No. 10. Finally, they also closed the final chapter on their trilogy concert tours with “WINGS TOUR THE FINAL”.

Bang PD with Pdogg after receiving the Best Producer Award at MAMA 2017 (credit: @hitmanb)

Besides BTS themselves, Bang Shi Hyuk, CEO of Bighit Entertainment and the man leading the group and his company, received the presidential commendation award at the 2017 Korea Content Awards. Pdogg, the producer of many of the group’s hit tracks, also won Best Producer Award at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Whew, what a year it has been for BTS!

While they already have ARMYs anticipating the “Happy Ever After: BTS 4th Muster” later in January, we also hear that the group already has their 2018 fully booked. Regardless, we look forward to more music and content from them in the coming year, including J-Hope’s mixtape!


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33 Replies to “[2017 Review] The breakout story of 2017 – BTS”

  1. My favourite BTS song will be War Of Hormones because the song is really nice and catchy that makes me want to sing along and the MV for this song is really cute too! Where all of the members is trying win the girl’s heart but in the end she chose V. 😂❤️

  2. My Favourite is DNA!! Cuz I really damn like the dance and the lyrics ! It’s really heal me Up whenever I’m sad or feeling low

  3. My favourite song bts was mic drop because that song really give me positive energy also makes me believe in myself like just do what ever you want in your life and trust in God no mttr how you have done and you will success. Today, I definitely learned something that bangtan just do what they think it’s right and looks at them today. They successful! They succeed because of their efforts and believes. Rm said “love myself, love yourself” so just do want ever you want guys and remember that people always support you like army do. You deserve your life and the world. Life is yours ❤
    Ig: nrfthhsllh

  4. My favourite song bts is mic drop because the song really gives me positive energy and also makes me believing in myself that just do whatever you want in your life, alwys put your trust in God and you will success. Just like bangtan today, look at them now. They successful! They succeed because of their efforts and believes. So guys, believe in yourself tht you can do it like bangtan did! Just do whatever you want because you just live once and starting from that, don’t worry . people will support want u do like army did. Your deserve your llife and world. Remember rm said always “love myself and love yourself” fighting! ❤

  5. My favourite song is Butteryfly by BTS as it is more into vocal and I love it so much as it also proves that even people who are in the rapp line are able to sing too. The meaning behind the lyrics makes me tear up evertime as it is just too much for me. I sound emo but the song really touches me.

    twitter : syvza
    facebook : Jackson Ahgase
    instagram : nuguswek

  6. Clara Cindy Christabelle says: Reply

    It’s hard to choose just 1 song, but my all time favorite would be their non title song called Butterfly 🦋.

    I love the song so much to the point I set the song as my morning alarm ringtone 💕. Unlike a lot of BTS songs that are dominated by hip-hop or heavy addictive beats, this particular song is a song with slow beat with meaningful lyrics.

    This song fully showcase the vocal line talent, as the song sounds as sorrowful as it can be. I feel super emotional (in a great way) everytime I listen to this song.

    Last but not least is I feel like I’ve seen another side of BTS through this song, and that’s why I choose Butterfly as my fave 🤗.

  7. Balqis Qurratu ‘Aini says: Reply

    Spring day! It’s a calming song to listen to when i’m happy or sad and it touched me the most therefore i love it so much❤️❤️❤️

  8. My favorite BTS song has to be ’21st Century Girl’. In my opinion, it was really cool for a boyband to release a song that empowers females because most other boybands tend to sing songs where they use females as objects of desire. I thought it was, in some ways, groundbreaking for BTS to release such a song and create this new mindset for other boybands, in the way they view females. I also find the song to be a source of confidence because I personally have low self-esteem and struggle with being more positive with myself but this song has helped me gain more strength and confidence through its lyrics.

    I’ve always respected BTS and their songs for the messages that it carries but ’21st Century Girl’ has definitely increase my level of respect for BTS because of the meaning behind the lyrics. That’s why I chose ’21st Century Girl’ as my favorite BTS song.

    Twitter: rilakleen

  9. My favourite changes from “butterfly” to “young forever” to “save me” to “Blood, sweat and tears” to “not today” and to “DNA”. All these are in one of my favourite list and I learnt a lot if hangul through these songs. It also taught me about the perspective of live through the eyes and thoughts of these artistes’ . As a student still learning how to compose a song to touch people’s heart, I know that it is tough to write/ compose a song within a day. I really salute these guys!

  10. No doubt is FIRE because I listen to it so much everyday that both my 7 years old & 3 years old nephew could SING and HUM the chorus of this song! It’s difficult to say why I like it. Just like fall in love at first sight. This song has been stuck in my head ever since I 1st time heard it and I PURPLE IT <3 Listening to BTS songs everyday on spotify on the way to work, during work, after work, and even at home I must listen to FIRE at least once every single day so I get fired up to last the whole tiring working day. Lastly, thank u for hosting this~ 보라해~~💜💜💜

  11. Its actually kinda hard to choose a favorite song… Cos I love almost all their songs! Haha for now, fav song will be MIC DROP. Love the song, love the dance, love their swag-ness, love their energy performing this song.

  12. my favorite song is DNA because it gives off bright and pop energy when you listen to it and also whenever i feel stressed or happy i will just listen to it and it also calms your mind and especially the vocal line their voice jut melts your heart like 😍🤤 and most importantly their choreography will shook the world their dance is always on point and synchronized

    Twitter: @annyeongjess
    Instagram: @jessica.stl

  13. Favourite song has got to be Boy In Luv; chose this song because this song made me go crazy over them even more after their debut. Hands down, the best song and choreography at that time (i’ve gotta admit their choreo gets even harder and better from time to time and now DNA has got my <3333 for choreo)! The song gives a very refreshing R&B vibe, on-point dance moves and the rap as well, is just TOO GOOD! Super catchy from the start especially when it starts of with "I wanna be your oppa". ;u; Okay but I mean, which song is there not to like from BTS? 😀 Ya know when debut, they all look so innocent yet chic and now omg known worldwide with their talented skills!


  15. Raja Farahafifi says: Reply

    My favourite Bts song is No More Dream because the songs made me fall in love with Bts charms. It was the song that makes me want to learn more about the boys and the song makes me realize how talented they are.

  16. Have been a fan of BTS since 2015, and my favourite song by BTS is Whalien 52 🙂
    I found the lyrics extremely relatable when one feels lonely. It will be great if BTS performs this song more during their concerts!

  17. My favourite BTS song is from their Love Yourself : Her hidden track. When I feel down, I’ll listen to the song & read the lyrics. The lyrics is really lifting me up, that I must work hard & go on with life. Somedays even the dry desert can be a sea.

  18. My favourite is Pied Piper because the song is almost talking to me. Telling me to focus more on myself. While their fame is growing, they still think about the fans. This just shows that they are being considerate and thoughtful. I just think that it’s very refreshing to see things like that.

  19. It’s really hard to choose between Spring Day and Mic Drop. BUT recently I really like this song – So far away. It touches my heart with the lyrics and the angelic voice of three of them. I want to believe “결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
    시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리”

  20. Tbh all of their songs are my favorite and i cant choose one 😣 because all of their songs are so relatable which not just simply a song to hear. Even if you are not an ARMY and search for the meaning behind the song you will understand. And something the song can help me going through a hard time😥 thank you BTS for being what you guys are now 🌼 So i choose Love is not over(Full length edition) from their Young Forever album. #BTSARMYforever ❤

  21. I love DOPE song because of this song, i’m become an ARMY. I’ll never forget about this song in my life. I love BTS as my second life. I’ll support BTS no matter what. Thank for doing this giveaway. I really grateful if i win. Thanks a lot KAVENYOU . 사랑해
    #방탄소년단 #아미

  22. Its so hard to choose a favourite song of BTS when every single of their song holds a special place in my heart. But since I have to pick one, that would be 2! 3!

    2! 3! is really special to me because its for us, ARMY. Hearing them sing that song live at their concert never fail to make me tear. I’ve been an ARMY close to 4 years now and I’ve seen how much this fandom have grown but at the same time, BTS’s love for us has always been the same. The bond that BTS and ARMY have is so genuine. We love each other so much, we protect each other and we want to see each other grow. 2! 3! is a comfort song for both ARMY and BTS because we know that our journey together may not always be smooth-sailing and easy, we may get hurt while trying to protect each other but as long as we stay together, our days will be better. ☺️💜

  23. Omg i can’t choose which one of their song to be my favorite cause all of their song is my favorite.. They have good music and have beautiful voices .. They inspired me by their songs .. They are talented! They taught me to be who I am, love myself and teach me to work harder to achieve all the dreams and ignore the haters 💜

  24. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
    my favourite bts song is spring day as the lyrics are very meaningful and it talks about how someone is missing their friend.the song is also a very calm and relaxing song and it helps me to stay calm and happy.also, the vocals and rap are very nice and soothing which fits the song and lyrics.also, im very proud of them as i know bts put in lots of effort in producing,recording and performing their songs:)

  25. My favourite BTS song is Not Today. The song is very motivating and inspirational. I listen to this song when I feel down and this song gives off a message of not giving up, just like what they did as growing idols. I recommend this song to anyone who is ready to take on the world, it’s that lit and a epic song to dance to.

  26. My favourite song from BTS will be “Hold Me Tight” is has a deep meaning to the song which always capture my attention, additionally the melody with the rap parts match well with each other 😍😍

  27. all are my favourite song but its a lie if i say there’s not even one my fav right 😂.. so shld i say my main fav song from bts is “Born Singer” the song that i wont be listening like how i normally do. this is the song that they hold onto meaningfully (which i am too) a song where they describe what they were bck than and what they are now.. how their dreams comes true and how we (armys) stay thru the tough years with them how they cherish us is how i cherish them deep down my heart they were the one that brings happiness to my life back when im losing myself slowly their words that encourage me to keep on gg and never give up which result to why im still supporting them until d’ end !!! BTSXARMYS IPURPLUYOU💜

  28. My favourite song is born singer. Always have been my fav because that is the song filled with the most feelings, telling how unnoticed they were as a group from a small company, just trying to achieve their dreams of making music and it’s the song of their struggle from the bottom start of their career as a team, how they never give up and still living by being loyal to music.

  29. Favourite song for BTS will be Spring day. It’s a calming song and the lyrics are well written. Not to mention, the choreography was mindblown. You will fall in love with this song in a second you hear it. This songs is loved by even not a kpop fan. This song is universal. This song speaks to me. That is why it’s a favourite.♥

  30. My favorite BTS song is 봄날 (Spring Day). I really like this song because the song and the melody is so beautiful. I often listen to this song. I love this song so much. I really like to watch when they perform this song on stage. I love to see Jimin’s beautiful dance and I like to hear to Jimin’s beautiful voice. I love their dance moves in this song. I love this song so much ^o^.

  31. My favourite BTS song is 2!3! ( Hoping for more good days / Still wishing there will be better days ). I like and love this song because the lyrics is give me motivations and inspire to facing many challenges wherenever we go.

  32. My favourite song from BTS would be from Skool Luv Affair, Tomorrow. It really relates to me on no matter how hard thige can get, giving up should never be an option!

  33. Nurhasyira Hani says: Reply

    My favourite BTS song is MAMA that was sung by Jhope. It is admirable of him singing and writing that song for his mother. Whenever i listen to this song, i am reminded of my mother’s hardwork to bring me to where i am now and that everyday i should give her a hug. The song also talks about a mother’s support towards her child’s goals which is the same to my mother supporting me in whatever i do. I am truly blessed to have such a mother becaude without her, i would not be having any dreams or goals.

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