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Big Bang kicks off Alive GALAXY Tour in Hong Kong with a Samsung press conference



7 December 2012, Hong Kong – The Big Bang ALIVE Tour has travelled around the globe with the proud sponsorship by Samsung, and KAvenyou is glad to be able to be at the press conference for this event. Let us take a look at what the boys have to share with you fans out there dying to know more about them, and their experiences in Hong Kong.

The boys entered the room looking bright and swag as usual, and greeted everyone in mandarin “大家好!我們是BIG BANG!” (Hello everyone! We are Big Bang).

Interview transcript:

Emcee: What are your feelings about having a tour in Hong Kong?
GD: They are very happy about the Hong Kong tour because it is their first time having a concert in Hong Kong. This is the same for many other countries they’re touring because it is their first time going to many of the countries. They know that fans are very excited in their concert so they’re very happy about it.


Emcee: Which country that you have toured to is the most unforgettable in terms of fans?
Seungri: It is rather difficult to say which is the most special because in all the countries we have toured to, we receive overwhelming support from our fans. Fans from different places have different characteristics. We are curious about how fans in Hong Kong are like because it is our first time having a concert here.


Emcee: Has any fans given gifts to you that are really special/unforgettable?
Daesung: No… because to us, fans are the greatest gifts already.
Emcee: What plans do you have for Christmas?
Seungri: Christmas will be a very busy time for us because we all have our own individual schedules. Hong Kong is a very beautiful place at Christmas because there are Christmas lights everywhere! When I was filming for my drama in Hong Kong earlier this year, I had the chance of seeing Hong Kong’s famous ‘Symphony of Lights’ night show. It was so beautiful, also the lights on buildings!


Emcee: This month is Seungri’s birthday! How will you celebrate it?
Seungri: It’s not my birthday yet but fans, my members and staff are already celebrating it with me. I feel very very happy. But since we have live shows and busy schedules during that period of time, my birthday but it will likely be spent on the plane. But it’s ok because for my fans, I will work hard to show them our music and a better side of me.


Emcee: These years, Hong Kong people are starting to like a lot of Korean products because of the Hallyu wave. As Koreans, what products would you recommend to Hong Kong people?
Taeyang: For this tour, we have traveled to a number of countries and to our surprise, we found out that fans from different countries also like to eat Korean food. We think that, if everyone wants to know more about Korean culture, start with Hansik(Korean cuisine). Korean dishes are prepared and made especially with unique cooking procedures; it is a good start for people who would like to learn about Korean culture.


Emcee: Big Bang won a lot of awards at MAMA 2012 exactly one week ago. How are your feelings about it?
TOP: We are very happy about it. Also, MAMA was a good opportunity for the five of us to regroup again after our solo activities and schedules. MAMA was a good learning experience for Big Bang.

Emcee: After your tour this time, when will you visit Hong Kong again?
Big Bang: There are no plans yet. It depends on our concert this time. If we have good response from fans this time we will consider coming to Hong Kong again, or for other schedules.

Emcee: Any plans to star in a drama as a group?
Taeyang: No plans yet

Emcee: G Dragon, you always present yourself to fans with different hairstyles and hair colors. How do you take care of your hair? What kind of treatment do you do to your hair to prevent it from falling out/damaged?
-audience and Big Bang all laugh-
GD: I don’t have any special methods in protecting my hair. I always would like to dye my hair in different colors to show to fans and other people. I am not too worried about it falling out now. But in future if I dye –pause- I will be worried about it.

Emcee: GD has had very good results from his solo activities. In 2013, hat solo activities does Big Bang have?
Big Bang: Maybe, maybe in 2013 every member of Big Bang will have his solo album. We are continuously writing songs and music.


Emcee: What kind of emotions do you want fans to have when they attend your concert in the next few days?
Big Bang: We had a brief concert experience with our fans during MAMA last week and we also know that many of our fans watched our live performances online. But this time for the tour, we will have a longer meeting time with our fans. We hope that they’l go t oour concert with no regrets and leave with no regrets. To us, fans give us courage to stand on the stage and perform. It’s a form of courage.

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Article by: Karen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Agatha @ KAvenyou

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