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BIG BANG kicked-off historic 3-day concert with “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in HONG KONG”



Thrilled the Fully-packed Concert Hall with Bombastic and Energetic Performance!

8 December 2012, Hong Kong – BIGBANG conquered Hong Kong with their history making 3-day concert with “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in HONG KONG” at AsiaWorld-Arena on December 8, 2012 (Saturday). The multi-talented quintet exerted their energy and passion throughout the concert and brought a sky-high concert experience to the 12,000 audience tonight.

BIGBANG flamboyant fashion style is their icon and also one of the reasons for their immense popularity across the world. The “VIP”, the official name of their fervent fans and supporters, has gathered at the concert venue in an array of outfits inspired by BIGBANG since early afternoon to show their support and indulge in the magnificent aura presented by BIGBANG. Samsung Galaxy, the global sponsor of the tour, has setup a SAMSUNG GALAXY Studio at the venue to bring fans and music lovers the most fabulous concert party experience! At the studio, the latest flagship products of Samsung were showcased with a specially made “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY Tour App”. Fans and “VIP” lined up in front of the studio to make the exclusive photo badge with BIGBANG and get the free gorgeous glowing bracelet provided by Samsung!


The concert started off at 8PM and stunned the crowd immediately with a visually-striking opening video. The members of BIGBANG then emerged from the space capsules after the drop of the kabuki curtain. The boys began the concert with “Tonight” and “Hands Up” which fascinated every audience who had waited so long to see them in the flesh. Everyone was already on their feet and waved the signature crown light stick of BIGBANG passionately. The five members then took a little break after the breath-taking opening and greeted the audience with their freshly learned Cantonese. They then continued their energetic performance with “Fantastic Baby”, the song which every audience in the hall is so well known.

Laurieann Gibson, the creative director of the tour, has brought the best elements into the concert by working closely with the world-class production team. During the song “How Gee”, G-Dragon and T.O.P entered the stage with Segway and Taeyang drove a motorbike. All these creative and extraordinary elements have made the concert phenomenal and the audience was absolutely astonished.


The members of BIGBANG are all gifted with great talents and have engaged in different solo activities. During the concert, special solo stages of all the members were included to show their uniqueness. First to come on stage was G-Dragon, the great captain of the group, performed his playful solo song “Crayon”. G-Dragon then collaborated with T.O.P, his great partner in the sub-unit, performing their upbeat song “Knock Out” and “High High”. Seungri was the next to come. He popped up with a laser gun and performed his solo song “Strong Baby”. He then continued to reveal his outstanding dancing skill with “What Can I Do”, a song composed by Seungri himself.

The five members then showed up altogether and performed “Gara Gara Go”, “Number 1” and “Cafe”, proving that they are always the number 1 on stage! The boys then continued to conquer the stage with “Bad Boy”, “Blue” and “Love Song”, the 3 songs in their recent album which became a hit around the world.


The members then hit the stage again and performed “Monster”, one of their most expected songs of the tour. They then brought the house down with the powerful song “Feeling”. The powerful beat of the song and the dynamic performance by the members immediately heated up the crowd! After that was the time for Taeyang’s solo stage with “Just Look At Me” and “Wedding Dress” where he revealed his stunning dance skills.

Daesung, who is known for possessing an angelic voice, then appeared on the stage showcasing his unrivaled singing skills with “Wings”. In the middle of the song, he wore a set of wings and transformed into a real angel!

The five charming members then united again to introduce all the leading band members and dancers. Knowing that Seungri birthday is on December 12 (Tuesday), BIGBANG’s members sang a birthday song for Seungri together with all the audience.

BIGBANG then performed their iconic song “Haru Haru”. The entire hall of fans was deeply touched by their sentimental voices and chanted the verse along loudly. BIGBANG planned to end their concert with their “Lies” and “Last Farewell” but the audiences were not willing to leave. BIGBANG therefore came out again and encored “Friend”. In spite of this, the fans were still cheering and shouting for BIGBANG after they are done. The members therefore performed for 4 more encore stages exclusively for all Hong Kong fans!


The concert was definitely up to the world’s best standard accrediting to the sharp choreography and the ravishing special effects created by the outstanding production team. More importantly, the high-spirited and energetic performances that BIGBANG delivered have added to the larger-than-life impact of the concert! All concertgoers were so thrilled that they were able to make the history with BIGBANG! They all revealed that they enjoyed the fabulous performance of BIGBANG.

The members were deeply touched by the passion, love and support from all Hong Kong fans and wished they could come to Hong Kong again in the near future. After the 3-day concert in Hong Kong, BIGBANG will continue their tour in Europe and Japan.

With the tremendous love and support from the enthusiastic fans and music lovers, all concert tickets of the 3-day “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in HONG KONG” were promptly sold out in the first day of its public sale, making BIGBANG the first Korean artist group to have a record-setting 3 shows in Hong Kong attracting over 35,000 audiences.

Commenting on the concert, representatives from the concert organizers, including ELF ASIA, Live Nation Hong Kong, Glamour Entertainment, Gig Entertainment and SOOSOO Productions, stated, “We are glad to have the opportunity to bring BIGBANG, one of the most promising worldwide acts at the moment, to Hong Kong for the first time. We were impressed by the spectacular performance of BIGBANG as well as the enthusiastic love and support from all audience. It was a fantastic night to both BIGBANG and all concertgoers. We wish BIGBANG all the best in the following stops of the tour and hope they will come again to perform for the Hong Kong audience.”


Samsung Galaxy is the global sponsor of “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in HONG KONG”. Glasstique is the main Hong Kong sponsor of the event. The event is also sponsored by I.T, The Langham, Hong Kong, The Langham Place, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Philip Stein, SOGO and Sun Entertainment. The event is also fully supported by AsiaWorld-Expo. Commercial Radio 2, FOX International Channels, tvN and Channel [V] are the media partners.

ELF ASIA is the lead promoter of “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in HONG KONG”. Other promoters include Live Nation Hong Kong, Glamour Entertainment and Gig Entertainment. SOOSOO Productions is the co- organizer.

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Article by: ELF ASIA via KAvenyou
Photography by: ELF ASIA

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