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BEAST, 4Minute & G.NA rocks the stage of AIA KPOP 2013 in Malaysia!

BEAST, 4Minute & G.NA rocks the stage of AIA KPOP 2013 in Malaysia!


27th June 2013 — BEAST, 4Minute and G.NA has come back to grace the shores of Malaysia yet again for the AIA K-POP Concert 2013 in Malaysia held on 27 June at Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

The concert started at 8pm with the lovely G.NA and her stunning and powerful vocals. Not only did she manage to perform all her songs perfectly, G.NA also impressed the crowd with her fluent English and was able to communicate smoothly with the audience. G.NA’s sexy dance moves too mesmerized all the fanboys in the crowd!


During the special performance of the English version of her debut song, ‘I’ll Leave So You Can Live Better’, fellow label mate Junhyung from BEAST came up on stage and did his rapping part, surprising all the fans.


Next in line to perform was 4Minute and they started off with their latest comeback single, ‘What’s Your Name’ wearing cheerful and colourful outfits that syncs flawlessly with the song. 4Minute then continues to hype up the crowd with their hit songs such as ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘HuH’, ‘Muzik’ and ‘HOT ISSUE’.

After greeting the audience, members of 4Minute went on to express their amazement at the amount of people present at the event. They were also very surprised by the fact that most of the fans knew the lyrics to their songs. Hyuna, Sohyun and Jihyun later did a heart sign to show their love for the fans.


4Minute also did a small live preview of their upcoming summer track, ‘Is it Poppin’ as a present for the fans.

The final act of the night is BEAST and the 6 boys kicked off their segment with ‘Beautiful Night’, lifting up the atmosphere of the whole stadium. BEAST then brings the fans down memory lane with their older songs such as “Bad Girl’, ‘Special’ and ‘SHOCK’.


Apart from their awesome dance songs, BEAST also sat down and serenaded the audience with their amazing vocals during ‘On Rainy Days’ and ‘I Knew It’. BEAST even surprised everyone with the performance of one of their latest comeback song, ‘Will You Be Alright’. Junhyung was covered in tears after this performance and tried to cover up his embarrassment by saying he only cried because he was nervous as this is the first performance of the song done in overseas.


During the talk sessions, Yoseob expressed his worries for Malaysian fans due to the recent haze, and said that the fans should not get sick because “I exist because you exist”. The members also greeted fans from all sides with sincerity. KiKwang announced BEAST would definitely love to visit Malaysia again which Dongwoon later adds that BEAST will finally have their first concert in Malaysia soon, making the sea of fans scream in excitement!

Before the night ends, BEAST brought the concert to a climax by performing ‘Freeze’, ‘Beautiful’ and encore song ‘V.I.U’ back to back. During these final 3 songs, BEAST ran around the stage enthusiastically, throwing towels to the fans and going up close to the fans in rock zone.

During the encore performace, Yoseob handed water bottles to members and they proceed to shower Doojoon, starting a water fight in the middle of the stage. Dongwoon too drowned himself with the remaining water in his bottle after getting sprayed by Yoseob. In the end, Kikwang avenged all the members by spraying Yoseob and the concert comes to an end.


Song list:


  2. 2HOT
  3. I’ll Leave So You Can Live Better (ENG ver.)
  5. Take A Bow + Rude Boy
  6. First Kiss
  7. Top Girl
  8. Black & White



  1. What’s Your Name
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. I’m OK
  4. HuH
  5. Muzik
  6. 모르는척
  7. Heart to Heart



  1. Beautiful Night
  2. Bad Girl
  3. SHOCK
  4. Special
  5. Fiction
  6. On Rainy Days
  7. Will You Be Alright
  8. I Knew It
  9. Freeze
  10. Beautiful
  11. V.I.U


KAvenyou would like to thank AIA Bhd. for the invite to the AIA K-POP Concert 2013 in Malaysia.

For more HQ photos of the event, check out our Facebook page here!


Photography by Wenyi & Article by Zoey.

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